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John D
4/13/02 10:31 PM
Hints & Tips [Post#: 703 ] Reply to this post

1) Always make sure you tied your swivel on properly, especially when you're down to your last Artificial Lure.... Now, can anyone lend me a tenner so I can get a few new Mepps Spinners so I can get back out Fishing again? =\

~ JD

John D
4/14/02 10:34 PM
Re: Hints & Tips new [Post#: 708 / re: 703 ] Reply to this post

2) Load your Reel up from a Bulk spool of Mono (or whatever else you use), rather than knotting together a pair of regular 100m spools (which never have quite enough on).
It's one less thing to go wrong.

John D
5/4/02 10:38 PM
Hints & Tips new [Post#: 745 / re: 708 ] Reply to this post

3) Plastic, Half-litre Ice cream tubs (the square / rectangular type, not the cylindrical ones that fancy stuff, like Ben&Jerry's come in, since I ain't tried them for this purpose) make good bait boxes for carrying Earthworms in.
Just rinse the old Ice Cream out when you've use it all up, rip up some old Newspaper (the appointments section of "The Sunday Times" is just the right size)........ soak the shredded paper under the cold water tap before you go fishing, then go dig some worms up out the garden (or take them out of your wormery, if you have one).

~ JD (again).

GOt Yha
6/4/02 06:40 AM
Re: Hints & Tips new [Post#: 793 / re: 703 ] Reply to this post

Ha! If your're so smart tell me where the largest fishfarm in the southern hemisphere is! By the way, Great tips dood.

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