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7/22/02 04:00 PM
Stick Marsh / Farm 13 [Post#: 857 ] Reply to this post

The fishing at the Stick Marsh/ Farm 13 is still great though rising temps may require a bit more persistence, patience, sunscreen, and water. Numbers of fish and large fish are still a possibility everyday.
Wednesday and Thursday I spent the day with Pete Saundry of Melbourne, Fl. Wednesday was Petes birthday and what better way to spend it than on the Stick Marsh/ Farm 13 reservoir. Pete is an excellent fisherman and no stranger to this body of water, he only needs me to show up to catch fish, we dragged carolina-rigged worms and soft jerkbaits through shellbeds in the ditches and on the levies of Farm 13 and between both days we caught about 50 fish, Pete caught the majority and didn't let me forget it, nice work Pete ! Some fish were hooked on crankbaits but not enough to leave the plastics on the deck.
Saturday and Sunday were with my wife of 1 year today, Tricia, and my best friend Bart Brown feared by all gilled species and apparently women, his birthday was Friday and he had a new custom rod from the Palm Bay Fishing Outfitters ready to be broken in, he broke it in and loves it. Bart is shown above with a 5 lb. Farm 13 bass depending on the site you are viewing. A 5 lb bass is no hawg by Stick Marsh/ Farm 13 standards but their strength will have you betting it's a double digit fish until you see them. Bart and Trish did most of their damage with 1/2 oz. carolina rigs both days while I fished a 1/4 oz. purple jig and caught a few more than my share. 32 fish Saturday and 36 Sunday by 1:15pm when we ran from a very ugly thunderstorm.
At the ramp today we saw some really smart guys (not) heading out with a terrible storm upon us, I don't reccommend messing with the storms but if you do find yourself stuck in a storm in Farm 13 and absolutely can't get to the ramp, there is a shelter with a lightning rod about mid-way down the west shoreline, it's no Holiday Inn but it's better than dead.
There is no doubt that there are many fish along the Farm ditches, roads, and levies. The most productive method has undoubtedly still been the carolina-rig, no surprise for summer but when working the same school all day, all week, etc. may occasionally require some adjustment to continue successfully. 8" Junebug and blue emerald ribbontail worms were the preferred baits wednesday and thursday, however after the first few fish saturday, the fish caught on to our tricks and a switch to 6" watermelon finnese worms kept the bite going for for the rest of the day with some slow and some very fast times. Sunday they bit 8", 10", and 6" c-rigged worms but then shut down about 11:00am and would only respond to a 1/4 oz. purple jig.
When searching for fish I believe you need no more than a 1/2 oz.carolina-rig fished on Power Pro line , 25# Berkley Trilene leader with something 6-10" but once you have found fish, caught them, and things begin to slow, try 3-5 different colors and sizes to keep them eating, you don't have all that tackle for nothing but don't spend the whole day in the tackle box either.
"stick martian"
Randy sanders
(321) 544-4534
With hard-core experience to put you on the fish, show you the feeding habits,and migration routes of BIG BASS, you'd better not miss the boat!

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