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5/18/03 07:50 PM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1179 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

Just to let you know Danny King, has a new fishing rod out,his web page is i think you might try his,if you e-mail him tell him Ann,wtih Metal Tech Design sent you to his web.I met Mr.King at a fishing show while we were promoteing our three Minnow Bucket's oh! our web page is you might like them too.good luck Ann

Shaun Solomon
6/28/03 11:34 PM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1233 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

Just a quick note: you have a new option in american made rods, Furnace Bay. Made by John Uhler, an icon in the industry. Quality rods that whip BIG fish with ease. Priced
in line w/ loomis or st. croix (better than either, made in usa unlike former) tight lines yall!

7/26/03 09:55 PM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1255 / re: 1233 ] Reply to this post

It's ALWAYS best to purchase what you like and believe to be of high quality. Imagaine what would have happened if all American's bought only American cars in the 70's. We'd have a backward country with low quality, expensive gas guzzlers, that woudn't sell anywhere else in the world. Let the money flow to whomever makes the best products. We'll all benefit in the end.

Fishing Supply
8/5/03 00:32 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1262 / re: 1255 ] Reply to this post

We just started a wholesale business where we are selling the Pinnacle and Silstar brands- I'm pretty sure they are made in China. They have a Power Tip Pro that is almost a duplicate of an Ugly Stick, in fact Shakespeare sued them over it. I have found that the quality and price of these rods are hard to beat.

10/5/03 12:19 PM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1319 / re: 1262 ] Reply to this post

The Ugly Stick may be tough, but you are sacrificing feel and backbone for its strength. Give me a good Berkley Lightning Rod or Fenwick.

10/15/03 05:51 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1330 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post


10/15/03 05:53 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1331 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post


chessie dog
11/10/03 00:40 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1355 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

Hell I got an Ugly stick med. spin. 6'6' fer Fathers Day from my step daughters via my wife. I've used this rod since 6-84 and it is still my favorite. My other favorite is my ultra-light by Eagle Claw of Denver, Co. made in Korea. so as patriotic as I am ,some times we just have to bite the bullet. By the way I'm a staunch Teamster.

11/13/03 11:30 PM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1361 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

The last time I was in the USA I tried to find products made in USA and struggled.You could always try British made tackle-try the BOSFISH site.Our rods are longer than you use but land carp and pike up to 40 pounds in weight.I am in Florida in December and would like to catch catfish in the Kissimmee region- can anyone give some helpfull tips?

6/5/04 03:04 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1585 / re: 1330 ] Reply to this post

no, censor you foreignors!!! you don't like it here go the Fvck home!!

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