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10/4/02 03:43 PM
New Product - Innovatve Technology [Post#: 926 ] Reply to this post

I would like to introduce our Company and our new product. We are Wasber Industries. We are currently marketing a product called the Dial-a-Depth Fishing Float tm. We invite you to view our website. This product was created by a Registered Professional Engineer, and was two years in the design phase. This line-dispensing float is the first of its kind to enter the fishing industry. Please visit us

Please view the Product info Page, I think you will be interested in just how dial-a-depth works! There are new fishing techniques on that page as well. There is a new “Dancing Worm Technique” specifically for catching bass. Refer to the testimonial page to see just how the first bass was caught using the Dial-a-Depth Fishing Float™ along with other very happy customers.

After viewing the site, please contact me with your opinion we are interested in your comments. Our product will be excellent for catching bass, suspended walleye and crappie. We are already receiving requests from walleye tournament fisherman from Walleyes Inc., and from a number of other professional walleye and crappie tournament fisherman as well. Dial-a-Depth was designed to catch all fresh water fish. And we are seeing an application for salt water wreck fishing. The Dial-a-Depth Fishing Float™ will allow you to fish directly above a wreck, structure or reef, without snagging or breaking your line.

We are the first company to create a digital line-dispensing float. The Dial-a-Depth
Fishing Float™ is innovative technology created by a Registered Professional Engineer.
The Dial-a-Depth Fishing Float™ is a precise depth-measuring instrument that is fully synchronized. It is manufactured in the USA, with computerized numerical control equipment, precisely machined with accuracy to one thousandths of an inch.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please visit us soon


Jayne Lundy
Marketing Representative
Dial-a-Depth Fishing Float tm
Wasber Industries LLC

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