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10/22/02 02:22 AM
DSR- Douglaston Salmon Ripoff, Pulaski,NY [Post#: 949 ] Reply to this post

For those of you planning to spend your hard earn $20 at the DSR for a day of fishing, think twice, they are interested only in your money and not your fishing experience. They will find a way to throw you out and keep your money so they can get more people in the lot.

My true story is a judgement call, and splitting hairs in a definition of foul-hooked, that opinions of two NY State ENCON Officers are superceded by the "Experts of the DSR".

You probably want the story so here I go.
I see myself as a ethical fisherman. I keep only what is legally caught. I am a true environmentalist and believe in pure and ethical fishing.

The question is what is legally hooked, i.e. "foul-hooked". The DSR has a staff of personnel hiding in the woods in camo with binoculars waiting for a opportunity to spring upon you and call your judgement in to question. Anytime someone in there sight catches and attempts to keeps a fish, they will approach and challenge you.

My friend's fish was hooked about 2-3cm down, lower lip, from the top, outside lip "in the mouth". This was deemed by a "expert staff member" as foul-hooked. What they concider as "in the mouth" is "inside the mouth". NY STATE Law defines Foul-hooked: anything not hooked in the mouth. We were told we were breaking the law and told to leave. I refer to "we" because I netted the fish and my friend actually had the rod in his hand. We were both deemed guily of foul-hooking to the so called "Fishing Experts".

This brought up the discussion of what the definition "in the mouth" is occording to NY STATE LAW. After being told to leave and "banned for life from the DSR", we stopped two NY State Envir. Consevation Officers and asked them what the deal is with "in the mouth". We were told that the mouth is any area above and below the opening, including lips, and outside. The officers asked us if we ever trolled for fish, "how many times have you hooked a fish on the outside of the mouth, (i.e. lip area) when the fish struck". Our fish was a legal catch in the eyes of the enforcers of the law.

My point is, after talking to the NY ENCON Officers, then going back to the DSR, they(DSR Staff) told me the ENCON Officer "didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground and that they are spreading dis-information".

If you make the mistake of fishing the DSR, be prepared to encounter an attitude of righteous indignation when your judgement does not match their's. You need to know more than the people who enforce the laws or they will take your $20 and then ask you to leave. You are better off spending your $20 on a good meal after a successful day of fishing the miles of uncompromised free access of the salmon river.

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