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(Unknown Angler )
2/9/01 06:00 PM
Cabo San Lucas Fish Report [Post#: 104 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: Once again it has been a beautiful week in Cabo. There were no surprises this week and the temperature and skies remained constant all seven days. Evenings and mornings were a bit cool but warmer than last week with the lows only into the low 60’s and daytime highs reaching the low 80’s. No rain and clear skies were the constants this week! Winds remained light for most of the week but we did have a little bit of a pick-up on the afternoon of the second and morning of the third.

WATER: There is good news here as the inshore conditions have improved considerably. The water is clear and blue again, no more of the green, off-color dirty looking stuff. The water close to home is still cool with the average about 68/69 degrees. There has been a large pocket or circulation of warmer water, some of it reaching 75 degrees, due south of the tip of the cape. This warm area is quite large in size and extends from 15 miles out to about 45 miles out and is about 20 miles in width. There is no really defined, hard, temperature break associated with this pocket but the area has been producing consistent action. At the beginning of the week it was quite a bit further north on the Pacific Ocean side in the San Jaime Banks area but slowly drifted to the south as the currents and wind moved it.

BAIT: Same situation as last week and probably as next week! A mix of Mackerel and Caballito have been easy to get and prices have maintained themselves at $2 per bait. Sardinas have been available here in Cabo, but once again the prices are a bit high at $20 per scoop. They are available cheaper up the Sea of Cortez off the Palmilla area for the boats heading up there.


BILLFISH: Striped Marlin have been the only action this week in the Billfish category although everyone is expecting some Swordfish to start showing anytime. The bite on the Striped Marlin has dropped off a bit as we approach the full moon and this next week looks to be a bit slow also since full moon is on the 8th. Most of the fish that have been caught have been hooked up on lures. A few have been taken on live bait and those have shown a preference for Mackerel as opposed to Caballito. Bleeding Mackerel and Dorado colors in the lure category have been producing the most consistently, with Petrolero and black/purple/silver bringing in a few more.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: There has been consistent action all week, as a matter of fact, for the past two weeks, on the Yellowfin front. The majority of fish are the football, 10-20 pound size but occasionally larger ones show up. Catches reported into the 150 pound range have been made but the more consistent larger sizes have been 40-60 pounds. Just as last weeks report stated, most of these fish have been associated with the Porpoise. As long as the Purse Seiners don’t show up this action should continue for quite a while. Most boats have been reporting catches averaging a dozen fish and a few of the greedy ones have told me they have brought aboard as many as thirty Yellowfin for four anglers. Most of the fish are striking on trolled lures and there seems to be a preference for cedar plugs and feathers. This may be because most of the boats have confidence in these and pull them consistently. I have been told by some of the boats hooking into the larger fish that the 6-inch Rapalas run off of Z-Wings and downriggers have been real hot this week.

DORADO: Still around and still making themselves felt, most of the Dorado are being found closer to shore than the other pelagic species. They have been averaging 15 pounds but there are still nice fish in the 30-40 pound class being caught. Smaller lures have been producing well, most of them in the 5-6 inch size and there has been no reported preference in color. A few of the more experienced fishermen tell me that they expect there to be a good sized influx of Dorado in about two or three week so we will be keeping our fingers crossed!

WAHOO: There have been a few more of these great gamefish caught this week than were found last week and once again, the moon phase may have something to do with it. However it may also be that there have just been more boats fishing the areas that concentrate Wahoo than has been happening previously. As that pocket of warm water stabilized earlier in the week over San Jaime Banks, more boats went there and worked the drop offs. Since this is the structure preferred by Wahoo that may be the explanation. I had no reports of any caught on live bait and most of the ones brought in were caught on Tuna jigs or Marlin jigs.

INSHORE: The action early in the week was almost exclusively limited to the Sea of Cortez due to the green Pacific water but as the week progressed and the green water cleared up the Pacific action improved along with it. Most of the fish being caught have been small Roosterfish, average sized 3-5 pound Sierra, Bonito and some Dorado. The bite on Amberjack, Pargo and Grouper has continued to pick up and soon it should be excellent. Many boats are targeting these bottom fish now as the Yellowfin Tuna have moved offshore.

Until next week, Tight Lines!

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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