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(Unknown Angler )
2/12/01 08:01 PM
Cabo San Lucas Fish Report [Post#: 107 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: this was an interesting week, because the wind never was able to decide which way to come from. The beginning and end of the week were very calm days, but Tuesday through Friday, the wind shifted direction and power every night. Wednesday, it blew strongly from the Northwest and many of the boats returned early. Sunday, it looked like a mirror out there! Temperatures remained comfortable with the highs in the 70’s and lows in the high 60’s. A slight sprinkle of rain on Saturday spotted the windshields and midweek we remained overcast.

WATER: Cool with temperatures ranging form 68-74 with mostly clear blue water except for the close inshore n the Pacific side. There has been a large area of warmer water just south of the Cape for the last two weeks, where it has been in the low 70’s and at the beginning of the week we had those temperatures out to 5 miles on the Pacific. The water cooled off, but the Sea of Cortez side has stayed about 70-72 degrees up to about 3 miles short of Gordo banks. Mid-week the water was confused with the excellent conditions, one day and the wind switching around and revering the next.

BAIT: Mostly Caballito for larger baits at $2.00 each. No reports on sardines locally. I am not sure of their availability or cost in San Jose this past week.


BILLFISH: The bite was good at the beginning of the week with most of the boats getting shots at up to a half dozen fish a day and hooking one or two. As the week progressed the bite dropped off to the point that on Sunday, you were lucky to find a fish that would show any interest. They are still out there, but mostly feeding all night on this full moon. Sizes have been getting a bit larger and we were seeing more fish in the 130-180 pound range than we were last month. Hopefully the bite will pick up in a few days.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: early in the week it was hard not to catch a Yellowfin Tuna! There were porpoise everywhere and getting 20-30 per boat was common. Sizes ranged from footballs to 80 lbs with many in the 30-40 pound range. Mid- week a few boats found a dead whale floating about 30 miles out and for several days this area was subjected to some intense pressure. On Friday the fishing finally started to slow down and boats were reporting seeing Purse Seiners working within the 50-mile limits. Many of these boats were in the Gordo Banks and San Jose areas. When they were biting, most any type of lure was working, but favorites were 6” feathers on zucchini, pink/white and of course purple/white. Cedar plugs accounted for quite a few, as did Marauders. Larger fish were caught on live bait dropped deep ahead of the traveling schools. Chunking on Gordo Banks also worked well on the larger fish.

DORADO: Steady, but not red hot by any means. The fish being found range in size from 10-30 pounds and while many of them were caught near the dead whale, most of these were found near-shore. Slow trolling live baits seemed to work best and a few boats were able to get 3 or 4 fish this way.

WAHOO: The dead whale produced a lot of Wahoo on the second day, but more were lost than were caught. Some of the boats trolling Marauder lures at San Jaime for tuna were able to do the Wahoo tango and the fish caught were in the 20-35 pound class.

INSHORE: Small Roosterfish, a few sierra, lots of Needlefish and Bonito. Scattered Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna and an occasional Marlin off the Lighthouse. The start of the larger Pargo bite was this week’s production inshore. Prevailing methods have been the use of the slow trolled live bait with a few boats concentrating on drops and peaks and jigging with iron. Oh yeah and a few nice Yellowtail are starting to be caught.

NOTES: Lots of whales coming through now, Purse Seiners at the Banks, large Pargo on the points (use small live baits). This time of year, book your boat from a reputable company prior to coming down, that way you can avoid the disappointment of not getting the size or quality of Charter you are looking for. Avoid booking locally from anyone without an office or a license. Protect yourself and your money! A bargain is not always the way to go!!!

Until Next Week, Tight Lines!
Capt George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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