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Redfish Charters
2/26/03 02:30 AM
Redfish & Oyster shells [Post#: 1081 ] Reply to this post

The reds seem to be enjoying the lower tides and are actually hungry again. The problem now is the oyster shells cutting the lines and losing the reds. The problem can be solved fairly easily .. I have started using what is called a bubble cork. You put water in it and it floats freely on your line. But when the red takes the bait it keeps the line above the oyster shell and hopefully you want break him off. This is out of the norm for me to use corks, but after 6 years I have started using them again and you do what you have to do to catch those sneaky reds. They are still hiding in the breaks and the deeper channels along the intercoastal waterways off Estes Flats. Even with all this cloudy weather please don't forget to wear your sunscreen. As always the only one that will NOT hurt the bait and stays on great is Smart Shield. Please remember to use it. "Good Catching To You" Capt. Charlie Newton 800 862-7987

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