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George Landrum
3/3/03 02:34 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1086 ] Reply to this post

Capt George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: Most of this week was partly cloudy with our highs in the low 80’s and lows on
the mid to low 60’s. The clouds brought no rain with them but sure did bring strong afternoon
and evening winds in the last half of the week. (Carry On)

WATER: The Pacific side had rough conditions most of the week but there were a few days
when it was good in the morning. When the winds started to blow from the west we had choppy
conditions returning home after fishing for Marlin further up the Sea of Cortez, but conditions in
the mornings were fine. Water temperatures around the Cape had been fairly consistent at 71-72
degreesearly in the week and there was warmer water to the south and east about 20 miles out ,
creeping farther away as the week progressed. As of Sunday, the warm water was 35+ miles
distant and water nearer the Cape was in the 68-69 degree range. (Teach Your Children)

BAIT: There was a very good mix of baits available this week, large and small Mackerel and
small Caballito, all at the normal $2 each. Sardinas were there at $25 a scoop but you had to go
up the Cortez side to Chileno to buy them. (Almost Cut My hair)

BILLFISH: This past week was one of the most outstanding weeks for Striped Marlin that we
have seen for a long time. The type of fishing that was available to us was the kind you think
about when someone says “wide open bite”! The Striped Marlin varied in size from 80 to 180
pounds and were very concentrated. When you were in the fish there were at least 50 boats in the
area. Now, we have seen fishing concentrations like this at time at the Golden Gate Banks, but
then you were deep dropping live bait. This week the fish were on the surface, attacking lures
and eating live bait on the surface. And, you did not need to get roughed up on the Pacific side!
The fish started out at a distance of 20 miles to the east at the beginning of the week and the
concentration slowly moved to the east as the week progressed, possibly following the water
temperature. It was not uncommon to catch and release 4-8 Striped Marlin a day, and have shots
at several dozen and see even more. Multiple hookups, with three fish on at a time were
common. One day only lures worked, the next day all they would touch was live bait, crazy fish
changed their minds every day. As of Sunday the big concentration of fish is getting just out of
reach, we are hoping they return soon! meanwhile there are still Marlin in the area, just not in
such a confined area. (Helpless)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Football Tuna remained available to the south of the Cape all week long,
you just had to be willing to put up with the choppy, sloppy water conditions to get to them.
They were mixed in with porpoise and they ranged from 13 to 20 miles out. Most of the fish
were in the 10-15 pound class but we did catch some that ran up to 35 pounds. There were fish
caught in the blind in the same areas. Due to the water conditions and the excellent Marlin bite
going on up the Sea of Cortez, there was little pressure on the Tuna so the bite remained good.
Small feathers and cedar plugs worked well, as usual with green being a favored corlor.

DORADO: We did not see any massive schools of Dorado this week but there were some nice
sized fish scattered around. There were fish with the Tuna and with the Marlin, but there seemed
to be more Dorado available in close to the beach. The same small feathers that worked for the
Tuna worked well for the Dorado and the favorite color we found was green! Frigate birds
working an area were a good indicator as is normal. (Deja Vu)

WAHOO: A few fish were caught this week but there were no concentrations, the fish were
scattered and were an incidental catch. Most of them were smaller, in the 20-25 pound range and
found in the same area as the Tuna and the Marlin. Guess where there is bait, there be fish! (Our

INSHORE: Due to the afternoon winds the inshore fishing was a morning show and had a pretty
mixed bag. There were a lot of Dorado caught as well as plenty of Sierra. Some of the Sierra
were reported to be as big as 10 pounds. Yellowtail were hooked and landed, with more lost than
not, and ranged in size from 8 to 15 pounds. A few Jack Crevalle and Amberjack came to live
baits and there were Grouper and Snapper as well. Very few Roosterfish were reported this
week, and those that were found were well up the Pacific coast. (4+20)

NOTES: There were Swordfish reported hooked and lost in the same area as the Marlin were
found and there were Swordfish found on the Pacific side as well, but none of them were hooked.
Still seeing Whales out there and they seem to be increasing in numbers, at least last week they
were. The fish of the week was “Striped Marlin”, there was no doubt about that. It was one of
those weeks where you could have been sure of at least one Marlin every day if you wanted. This
weeks report was written to the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young on the 1970 Atlantic
release “Deja Vu”. If you are coming to Cabo, I will not turn away a donation of good music
Cd’s, I am re-running a lot of what I have and am always looking for new misic!

Until next week, Tight Lines from George, Mary, Juan and Manuel, the “Fly Hooker” crew!

Pat Greenwell
3/4/03 11:02 PM
Re: Cabo Bite Report new [Post#: 1088 / re: 1086 ] Reply to this post

I'm headed to Cabo the first week of May and have been looking to set up a fishing trip. Do you have a web site to tell me about your boats and rates.C.D is not a problem


George Landrum
3/10/03 03:29 PM
Re: Cabo Bite Report new [Post#: 1094 / re: 1088 ] Reply to this post

Sure Pat it is Hope to see you in May!

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