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Redfish Charters
3/31/03 04:23 AM
Reds & Big Drum [Post#: 1118 ] Reply to this post

The reds are hitting hard and so are the big drum. The big drum are in the ship channel near Ingleside. They are biting on small to medium crabs. You crack them open so the scent goes out and hang on. I took two of my grandsons (ages 5 & 8) this past week and Aerich the 5 year old after a 33 minute fight on a light weight rod and 12 lb. test line, brought up a 36 inch drum by himself. He did complain, "Pappaw my fingers hurt" but he hung in there till the fish was brought aboard, then deflated and released. Aerich fishes with me all the time. The other grandson who lives in Tomball, TX, age 8, Mylon had never had a rod & reel in his hand. So Aerich helped him bring in a 40" which was delightful for that being his first fish to ever catch. They caught that one on a heavier rig with 25 lb. test line. My daughter, Sheila, also from Tomball brought in a 38" and everyone was ready to leave the drum and go redfishing. We caught all of the drum on cracked crab, other boats around us were wondering what bait we were using because they weren't getting any bites on the dead shrimp. We brought in several reds and several keeper drums and had a great day on the water. The redfish seem to like fresh dead shrimp and fresh cut off mullet heads. I have had good luck all over Estes Flats and along the shorelines catching redfish this past week. With the weather getting prettier and prettier the fishing will get better and better. "Good catching to you" Capt. Charlie Newton 800-862-7987

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