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(Unknown Angler )
2/19/01 05:20 PM
Cabo San Lucas Fish Report [Post#: 113 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sport fishing

WEATHER: The weather this week has returned to the abnormal! Clear and sunny one day, cool and cloudy the next. Windy one day and none the next. Sure makes it difficult to plan ahead! For the most part we had sunny skies this week. The temperatures ranged from the high 50’s to the mid 80’s. All in all it was pretty good conditions, especially when you compare it to –10 degrees in Watertown, South Dakota! Hi guys! There was no rain or snow here this week; it was so nice I have thought about moving here (wait! I DID move here!).

WATER: Conditions on the Pacific side have been a bit on the choppy side all week, occasionally getting a bit uncomfortable. Near shore temperatures have been about 70 degrees to 68 degrees out to about 5 miles and the water has been just a bit off color. Blue water is out past the five-mile mark but it has stayed cool, down in the 68-66 degree range. The Sea of Cortez side has had almost identical conditions except for less choppy conditions and the blue water coming closer to shore. There has been a large area of warm water from 25-40 miles due south where the temperatures have climbed up as high as 74 degrees at times.

BAIT: There has been a mix of Caballito and Mackerel available at $2 per bait and I have had no word on the availability of Sardines here in Cabo San Lucas.


BILLFISH: Sad news here folks, the bite really dropped off this past week. Boats flying Marlin flags were the exception rather than the rule every day. A few boats did have flags flying and I talked to some of the anglers coming off those boats. If they were lucky they had seen three or four Marlin and one had eaten the bait. Apparently many of the Captains had flown a release and Marlin flag if they had jumped a fish off. Boats that concentrated the whole day on deep dropping live bait off the lighthouse caught a few fish, but for every boat that caught a Marlin that way there were three that had no luck. Sure hope it gets better soon, I just ordered another 80 Billfish foundation tags!

YELLOWFIN TUNA: These fish have been found in the warmer waters out 25 to 40 miles south. Most of the fish have been mixed in with the Porpoise and are football 10-25 pounders. There have been quite a few found in the 60 to 90 pound class also. The majority of them have been taken on cedar plugs and feathers but boats using slow trolled live bait are fooling a few.

DORADO: Dorado were the highlight of the week for many boats and you did not have to go far to find them. As a matter of fact, the Pangas who were working the surf breaks for Roosterfish had some of the best luck. Most of the fish were found using lures and just a few were caught on live bait. On a good trip a boat might come in with from five to seven Dorado but the average was two or three in the 15-30 pound class. Few fish were found offshore, unlike last week when the dead whale focused the attention 30 miles out.

WAHOO: We saw a few of these fish caught this week, but by no means in any numbers. Most were open water fish found by accident by boats looking for Marlin and Tuna. Sizes ranged from 15 to 35 pounds.

INSHORE: Dorado kept things going close in and there was no problem for the boats using light tackle to find the small Roosterfish, Sierra and Skipjack. Some nice 20-30 pound Jacks were caught on a regular basis and the bottom fishing for Snapper and Grouper is starting to perk up a bit. If the water clears up perhaps the bite will get real good and if the water cools a bit we may have more Yellowtail show up.

Until next week, TIGHT LINES!
Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sport fishing

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