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4/30/03 04:30 PM
Halibut & Salmon Sooke BC Canada [Post#: 1151 ] Reply to this post

What a start to the chinook season. We have gone from winter chinook fishing, fish from 5 to 20 pounds to fish from 20 to mid 30.
We are around a month early, and another boom has been the big halibut coming in from local waters around Sooke. We had a 231 pound halibut come in last week, what a fish. Plus many in the one hundred pound range. The next big one was just a few days ago April 26 2003 it was 180. Still waiting for our first of many 40 pound chinook. Like I said this is early. Department of Fisheries is prodicting a record year for large chinook and coho and halibut. What can an angler ask for eh. Most of the chinook are coming in from Secertary Island to the trap shack fishing in 120 feet, still a little deep, but what the hey. Your best bet is anchovy trolled in an anchovy special light green in color (perfer an old sun tinted green) trolled behind a O'ki or Hot spot flasher, red and silver in color. Long leader around seven feet with a tight roll.

For you into crabbing, Dungeness crabbing is fantastic in Sooke and Port Renfrew more so in the latter.

I wish you all bent rods and blistered palms. Ps, any ? in regards to fishing Renfrew or Sooke give us a call toll free at 1-866-642-7393 John Wells

5/1/03 08:44 PM
Re: Halibut & Salmon Sooke BC Canada new [Post#: 1153 / re: 1151 ] Reply to this post

What are Chinook, are they King's. Halibut is one great eating fish.

5/2/03 02:15 PM
Re: Halibut & Salmon Sooke BC Canada new [Post#: 1154 / re: 1151 ] Reply to this post

Chinook is what you call a King Salmon. They are also called Tyee when over 30 pounds, these are the fish that John Wayne and Bob Hope came fishing for back in the 70s. It is common to catch Chinook over thirty pounds (Tyee) when fishing Port Renfrew. Chinook are one of the worlds greatest fighting fish pound for pound. Runs can range from 200 yards in seconds to stripping 500 yards before you get to the rod. We use a single action reel here in Canada when fishing Chinook, This is where the Saying Bent Rods and Blistered Palms comes from.

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