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Max Ledbetter
5/24/03 11:34 PM
Salmon and Mad Cow Disease [Post#: 1187 ] Reply to this post

I read a few years ago (and I'm not sure where, perhaps in Scientific American) that Pacific salmon are vulnerable to the prion that causes Mad Cow Disease. Now, according to the news, some of the chicken feed shipped to British Columbia contains rendered protein from an Albertan Mad Cow. We can all imagine the fish and their fry eating the animal feed as it enters the rivers flowing to the Pacific. So should we ask a hard and wild question: How much prion-contaminated farm feed will it take to contaminate our Pacific salmon?

5/26/03 07:06 AM
Re: Salmon and Mad Cow Disease new [Post#: 1190 / re: 1187 ] Reply to this post

don't know. i just finished up a micro course and we talked about prions and BSE (bovine spongiform encephelitis) or mad cow disease. Transmissible Spongiform Encephelitis or Crutzfeld-Jacob Disease is the human form of it. Nasty stuff. causes clearings in the tissue of the brain (hence the term spongiform) Nothing was mentioned in class about the virus and fish though.


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