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5/28/03 04:47 PM
Fish Sooke BC Report [Post#: 1200 ] Reply to this post

What can a guy say; we are in a fishing frenzy, lots of anglers heading out on the water and lots of fish coming in to local marinas. This year is shaping up to be one for the record books. Lots of silvers on the surface, with a few in the teens already, we should see an opening some time around July or Aug 1st. Last year was Aug 1st. The halibut fishing is going very strong in the areas close to shore. Only a ten-minute boat ride from Sooke harbour marina you can find some nice halibut, we call it the Sooke Bluffs. I was using a Roadrunner spoon this past weekend and hammered the halibut.

Salmon fishing they say has slowed a bit, but it really depends on your location in Sooke waters. Otter point was great and the Trap was a little slow, but a few of us did fair. We caught five Chinook over the weekend all around 20 to 28 pounds. Not great fishing, but it worked. All the Chinook where taken on anchovy special trolled behind a green and gold O;ki flasher. The anchovy special was glow with the pink strip painted on by Tomic Lures. Tommy of Tomic lures has done a lot of work for Hind Sight over the years, and one job is to keep me ahead of the pack. Colour plays such an important roll in fishing for Chinook that it can make a huge impact on the size of fish and the quantity of fish. Last year when fishing on Swiftsure Banks if you had the right colour your Chinook averaged 20 to 30 plus pounds if not the right colour your fish rarely made twenty pounds.

But as we know no one can predict the fish and what is going to turn them on, once we find the magic lure it will take the term fishing out of it and we will call it catching. Well I am one for a new name as I like catching fish, I can release the ones I do not need, but I love the adrenaline I get when the catching is great. Offshore catching is where I get my adrenaline from; Swiftsure is the place for me….

I wish you bent rods and blistered palms
John Wells HindSight Charters

jim parry
6/8/03 01:58 PM
Re: Fish Sooke BC Report new [Post#: 1214 / re: 1200 ] Reply to this post

John, I will be visiting Sooke in July/August and hope to do a bit of fishing, halibut and salmon....are there any decent places to fish from the shore that you know of? Iwill be staying just south of sherringham point and have access to a small boat, any decent marks close by that you can suggest? Any advice and tips will be gratefully accepted.....regards.....Jim Parry Chester England

6/20/03 02:08 PM
Re: Fish Sooke BC Report new [Post#: 1228 / re: 1214 ] Reply to this post

Jordon river is a good place to start for halibut, just drift with a large spoon as the dog fish will be in by then. As for salmon you can fish at Sherringham and in front of Gordon beach. In fact you can try halibut fishing off Sherringham. You can cast off the rocks at Sherringham light house. Should be allot of coho around then, try a blue and white Buzz bomb. I do not now if the coho will be open by then in the Sooke area. Have a good time in Sooke, Hope you find the time to see Port Renfrew, make sure you come down to the marinas to see all the fish, most charters get in around 3 oclock.

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