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8/25/03 03:10 AM
CrabHawk [Post#: 1283 ] Reply to this post

Check out the latest craze in crabbing! The CrabHawk is used with a medium rod/reel/line combo and is a hit to all Blue, Red Rock, Mud, Box and Dungeness crabbers (as well as other tasty morsels). Great for all crabbing from the bank, docks and boats! The CrabHawk “Gets you out where the BIG ONES lay!”

Things are picking up so fast! People are seeing what the CrabHawk can produce and their flying off the shelves. We've recently had two more articles written about us here in Western Washington. We're working on a list of distributors for the East and Gulf states. Thanx for all the support!

Check it out:

Seattle Times 8-17-03:


The Tacoma Tribune 7-02-03:'t+stand+a+chance+

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