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(Unknown Angler )
3/12/01 04:07 PM
Cabo San Lucas Fish Report [Post#: 135 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: Déjà vu! This week seems to almost a mirror image of last week as far as the weather is concerned. The cloud cover, wind and temperatures each day were a repeat of last week. The main difference was that this week there was no rain. The cloud cover moved in at the same time, just not as heavy, and the wind was just as strong. It blew steadily from Friday noon through this evening, Sunday the 11th.

WATER: Surface conditions were a repeat, day for day, of last weeks. Late in the week the Pacific side was rough and choppy, becoming almost unfishable for the smaller boats on Saturday and Sunday. The warm water eddy that had been hovering over the San Jaime Banks moved a lot farther to the west and south and is now unreachable for the normal charter. Instead we have been lucky enough to have a warm water area appear off of the 95 spot and the edge of it was running to the northeast. A good 4-degree gradient over a very short distance might produce fish in the future.

BAIT: Mostly Caballito with a few scattered Mackerel were available at the usual $2 per bait. There were mixed sizes available all week long. There were Sardinas available again in San Jose at $20 per scoop if you were there early.


BILLFISH: The bite for Striped Marlin was almost non-existent this week although a few boats reported success in finding Marlin and a few of them actually got one hooked up. The full moon and the tremendous amount of bait in the water really crippled the ability of the charter crews to find and hook up these fish.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Lack of Sardinas early in the week hurt the efforts here, at least for the boats working the Gordo Banks. Later in the week there were so many Skipjack on the banks that the Yellowfin had a very difficult time getting to the Sardinas first. A few boats that were able to make the 40-mile run south found Yellowfin mixed in with the Porpoise but it was by no means a sure thing for the boats that tried.

DORADO: Tapering off to almost nothing offshore, even the inshore fishing for Dorado showed signs of seriously slowing down. The few fish that were brought in were pretty much caught on a 50/50 mix of lures and live bait.

WAHOO: A couple of fish were caught but there was no bite on for them.

INSHORE: This was the only bright spot for this weeks fishing and some boats had phenomenal luck on Sierra and Snapper. Sierra sizes were ranging from 3-6 pounds and most of the Snapper were the same size. An occasional Snapper in the 25-30 pound class was caught but these bigger fish were definitely the exception rather than the rule. Roosterfish were everywhere but the average size dropped to about 5 pounds instead of the 10-pound size we were finding last week. There were plenty of Skipjack and Bonito to provide light tackle action and quite a few of the boats were able to fight and release Jack Crevalle in sizes ranging from 5-35 pounds!

NOTES: Whales everywhere and so much bait in the water that the fish just have to swim around with their mouths open in order to eat. Hopefully this situation will change soon. If you book a charter while you are here in Cabo make sure you do it with a reputable company, preferably one with an office and one that is licensed to sell charter fishing trips. Some of the tourist anglers who have been thinking they were getting a real deal on a charter from a so called “captain” or “mate” have been found standing on the marina sidewalk in the mornings looking for the “captain” or “mate” who took their deposit as they watch the boat they were supposed to go on leave with the real captain and crew and other anglers take off for the day. Be careful, okay?

Until next week, Tight Lines!

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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