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George Landrum
11/24/03 02:18 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1371 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: Windy days at the beginning of the week and the end of the week with
wonderful weather between! Our night time lows were down into the low 60’s, it
actually reached 62 degrees here at the house Monday morning, this was while the
wind was blowing and a cold front moved through. At the end of the week the mornings
had warmed up to 70 degrees. All week long the highs were in the mid to high 80’s. All
in all a great week on the weather side. A few cloudy days at the beginning as that
front moved through, clear skies the rest of the time.

WATER: As we change into the winter weather pattern the waters are cooling down.
On the Pacific side of the Cape our warm waters have been 79-80 degrees while on the
Sea of Cortez side the average has been a couple of degrees higher. The Gorda
Banks area has been showing temperatures in the 82 degree range and that has been
about the highest around. With that cold front that moved through the area early in the
week came some good winds, as we also experienced on Saturday. Rough water with
swells at 4-8 feet and white caps everywhere. Thank goodness the winds were of short
duration and it calmed right down, still some swells but nice rollers, not short, steep

BAIT: With the new moon we were getting Caballito, as the water continues to cool we
should start to get more Mackerel as well. The normal price of $2 per bait. There have
been Sardinas as well at $20 a bucket.


BILLFISH: There are still a few Blue and Black Marlin around, but I did not hear of any
really large fish caught this week. There was a very good bite on Striped Marlin just off
the lighthouse ledge on the Pacific side early in the week. Dropping live bait halfway to
the bottom during the tide change resulted in hook ups for a lot of boats, and those that
persisted at it often had the luck to catch two or three fish. Live or dead bait seemed to
be the way to go on the Striped Marlin and the average size seems to be getting a bit
larger. On the other Billfish, there has been no concentration, the fish have been
scattered, but the slightly warmer water on the Cortez side seems to be producing a
few more of the Blues and Blacks.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: A friends boat got a nice Yellowfin this week that was well over
the #200 mark, I mean well over! Not us though, almost all of our fish were under #50.
They were with the Porpoise and the area that seemed to be the best producer early in
the week was a band of water that ran from about 12 miles west of the lighthouse on
the Pacific side to about 25 miles to the south. There was a good bite late in the week
but it was very far, 37 miles to the southeast, it had a lot of Porpoise and Tuna action.
The bite was fair at the end of the week with the Porpoise and Tuna scattering, but on
Friday there was a concentration of fish just inside the 95 spot and about 50 boats were
working them. Dark colored lures and live bait were the key this week.

DORADO: Almost all the Dorado this week were fish caught way up on the Pacific
side, close to shore. That was early in the week. At the end of the week these fish had
disappeared and boats going back there had a long run for very few bites. Closer to
home the water was a bit warmer and the key to getting more than one fish was to
watch the Frigate birds. More than one Frigate working meant that there were Dorado
in the area, and boats the tossed out live bait under the Frigates seemed to do fairly
well on fish ranging from #30 to #15.

WAHOO: Very few Wahoo this week, sure wish that bite early last week had lasted a
bit longer!

INSHORE: No change from last week. Inshore action picked up just a little bit with a
very good bite on Skipjack and Bonita to 10 pounds. That bite was early and on
Sardinas. There were Sierra reported being caught off the Solmar beach and up north
to the lighthouse, but the fish were small, most of them under three pounds. Scattered
Dorado and an occasional Jack Crevalle kept things interesting.

NOTES: The water and air is starting to cool off, the holidays are coming up, the
Whales are starting to show up and the football playoffs are being talked about! My
time of year! Treat yourself to a great Christmas present and come on down between
Thanksgiving and Christmas, the town will not be too crowded yet and the weather
ought to be just beautiful! Until next week, Tight Lines!

11/26/03 03:58 AM
Re: Cabo Bite Report new [Post#: 1374 / re: 1371 ] Reply to this post

Thanks for the info. It's nice to hear about the great fishing Cabo has to offer. Think I'll make a trip next summer. Work keeps me too busy in the winter. Tight lines pal!

- Sam

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