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Capt.Jeff Rogers
10/22/00 01:00 AM
Kona Hawaii fishing report [Post#: 14 ] Reply to this post

Kona Hawaii fishing report 10/21/00

Shortly after last months report, the Pacific blue marlin bite dropped off to only a few coming in per day. The bite picked back up at the beginning of this month with some of the boats having multiple catches but slowed again this past week. It's not for lack of fish in the area. The problem of the marlin not sticking to the hooks continues to be a major complaint amongst the captains. Like most captains, I've seen marlin on almost every trip this week and had several shots with nothing to show for it. Even when I was on a bottom fishing trip yesterday, I had a marlin come by my boat to check out the bait I was dropping. He nosed the bait a little bit, then swam off. Hmmm.

Ono tops this months list of the most common catch followed by Mahi Mahi. Some are being caught in the Ono lanes but most are coming from derbies found in the current lines. There are still some Yellowfin tuna being picked up out of the Porpoise schools. It's late in the year for them to be around but I don't think anyone is complaining about it. There was a couple of Spearfish caught this week. We'll see more of these as we get into winter season. The Amberjack bite has been great. Take note that the majority of Kona boats WON'T fish for Amberjack. There's only a hand full of us that are true sport fishermen (not just targeting fish to kill and sell) here and have the know-how and equipment for the Amberjack fishery.

Aloha ,
Capt. Jeff Rogers ,
Kona, Hawaii ,

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