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SC Guide
3/18/01 00:14 AM
South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Report [Post#: 140 ] Reply to this post

South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Fishing Report
Week of 03-11-01 through 03-17-01

Mark Twain's remark concerning the weather seems to be appropriate for this past week. He said, "Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it!" It is a fact that everyone has been talking about it, and that seems to be the only thing we can do. I look back at last years reports for this time of year, and I do believe I could just cut and paste most of the report. Only the trip totals would change on most of them. I'm hoping it won't be as windy for as long as it was last spring, because if it is, we are just getting started. Last year the wind blew hard and regularly up until June. I certainly hope it won't be another season like that.

We ran a total of eight trips this week, and as usual for this time of year, some were good and some were heart-breakers. We fished in hard wind on every trip but some of the guides managed to catch some really good fish in spite of the weather. One had 6 big red fish for a day and another day a guide had one at 9.5# and another at 15# on a half day trip! And yet another had four with the big one being 9#. Spaced in with these catches, there were a couple of zero trips also. And, all that goes to remind me that just when you think the fish can not be caught, someone manages to find a few that will bite in spite of all the wind, water temp, barometer change, and other things. That is one of the things that separates the good guides from the average guides. The good guides always show up prepared for the weather, for the client, and for the fish. One thing I have noticed over the years is that when it's going to be windy, our group nearly always shows up with natural bait in one form or another. Sometimes this means they will take time the day before and go and catch the bait in order to have it when it's most needed. I think all the fish for this week were caught on live or cut bait except for 3 that I know of. The high winds kept us pretty much anchored at regular feeding holes, and that was about all we could do. Here's hoping the water gets warmer, and the wind will ease a bit.

Or total for the week was 16 reds with the largest at 15#. No trout yet, but it's time for them. It will take some decent weather for us to get out and locate them.

Thanks, Gene Dickson
Delta Guide Service
Georgetown, SC 1-843-546-3645

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