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George Landrum
1/5/04 01:55 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1402 ] Reply to this post

Capt George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: Our weather this week remained as we had last week with the night time lows in
the mid to high 50’s and day time highs in the mid to high 80’s. Our humidity level rose during
the middle of the week as fairly solid cloud cover moved in on us, lasting through the week end.
We did have a couple of very light showers early in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, just
enough to spot up the car windows.

WATER: West of the Golden Gate and the San Jaime banks on the Pacific side the water
temperatures remained in the 75 degree range while on top of the banks and to the shore the
temps were up a bit, 76 t0 77 degrees. To the south of the Cape there was still a finger of warmer
water, up to 79 degrees in spots. On the Cortez side from the south east of the Cape to up just
south of the Gorda Banks the water remained cooler at 73-74 degrees and farther to the west, out
around the 1150 spot and north we were recording cold water in the 71 degree area. Surface
conditions were good early in the week but deteriorated when the cloud cover first moved in, and
then on Sunday as the wind kicked up during the night. Many boats returned a little early and a
few came in very early, unloaded the sick ones, then returned. The area from inside the 95 spot to
the Red Hill was probably the smoothest water this week.

BAIT: This week we were able to get Caballito and on occasion Mackerel as well, though
toward the end of the week the supply started to shrink a bit. The normal price of $2 per bait and
there were no bait boats selling Sardina that I heard about..


BILLFISH: As was the case week before this last, the Marlin bite was sporadic. There were a
couple of Blue Marlin caught, both in the mid 300’s, and a scattering of Striped Marlin as well.
Many boats were able to find fish, but there were not a lot of them and many of them were
unwilling to bite. Any boat with really good luck this week was one that was able to get one to
the side of the boat, but there were a few boats that must have had anglers with good luck charms
aboard, as several were able to fly two Marlin flags on their return. Live bait seemed to be the
favorite as most of the fish were reported to have been caught on live Caballito and Mackerel
tossed at them while tailing, while deep dropping live baits on the Banks and Ledges received
very little effort due to the lack of bait fish holding on them. Some fish were caught on lures, the
two Blues I know about were, and dark colors worked on both Blue and Striped Marlin. Some of
the better colors this week were black/purple, black/red and black/green. The fish were scattered
with few to be found in concentrations. Two areas that had slightly better success than others
were the area to the south east of the San Jaime Banks and the area right around the 95 spot. The
bite was best just after the tide change.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: The beginning and middle of the week had the Yellowfin scarce and
distant, but by the end of the week they had moved a bit closer. Early they were found to the
south of the San Jaime and around the Golden Gate bank, as the week ended there were plenty of
porpoise around the 95 area and they were holding fish. Most of the fish found this week were in
the 15-25 pound class but there were a few that were school fish, in the 50 pound range. Best
colors were darker ones and for the first boat on the scene, size did not really matter. As the fish
became worked over, down sizing lures helped keep the action happening.

DORADO: Last week the Dorado were the fish of the week and this week they have to share
the honor with the Yellowfin. Of course the reason is that the bite on Tuna got a bit better and
the Dorado bite fell a bit. Not that they were not being caught because they were, it was just that
the numbers fell. Most boats were able to get at least one fish tot he boat and quite a few had
luck with several, but very few boats were flying more than two Dorado flags at the end of the
day. For the more successful fishermen, live bait slow trolled or drifted was the key. If there was
debris in the water no one had worked yet, it was a gift, as there were sure to be fish under it.
Most of the fish found by boats with no (lots of them get away) or just one flag were caught on
lures, and lighter colors did seem to fare just a little better in the attraction area. Most of the
action was concentrated on the inside of the Golden Gate banks and in the warm water due south.

WAHOO: Scattered fish were found this week and they were normally incidental catch found
while fishing for Tuna or Marlin. No real concentration of Wahoo was found, but the chances
were better if you were working the known drops on the banks and ledges. Perhaps because the
boats catching them were looking for Tuna and Marlin, it seemed that most of the fish found were
caught on dark colored lures as well.

IN SHORE: According to some of the Panga Captains and their clients, inshore fishing has
improved a little from the week before last. The Sierra bite is getting stronger, but it is still an
early morning thing and the fish are averaging 4-5 pounds. Small Roosterfish have been caught
on slow trolled live Caballito. Not a lot of them, and all around 5-8 pounds. Slow trolling small
Mackerel most often resulted in getting bit in half by Sierra. The chances of getting bit by a
decent bottom fish apparently went up as several anglers reported good action on Amberjack,
Snapper and Grouper while fishing in depths ranging from 50 to 150 feet. Small live baits go the
nod for best results.

NOTES: Happy new year to everyone out there! I hope this is a prosperous and healthy one
for you and yours. The town is getting busy again as vacationers arrive to escape the cold up
north. There have been several cruise ships a day dropping anchor out in the bay. There are
Whales showing up and in greater numbers, Humpbacks, Grays, some Pygmy and some Pilot as
well. This weeks report was written to the music of “The Dorados” on their 2000 release on
Flying Fish Records, “Papa Was A Fishin’ Man”. Until next week, Tight Lines!

1/27/04 07:01 PM
Re: Cabo Bite Report new [Post#: 1432 / re: 1402 ] Reply to this post

Hi George.I invented a new lure.Ive had clients catch grouper,and pargo in Cabo.Please check out my web You seem experienced in that are and would like your input.Thanks Denis

2/9/04 03:55 PM
Re: Cabo Bite Report new [Post#: 1447 / re: 1432 ] Reply to this post

Hi Dennis! Just had a chance to check out the site and the lure looks like awinner, a great idea put into reality. Judging by the comments made by users and by the pictures you have posted they work very well. Next time I get a chance to get to the states I'll try and remember to pick up a few to try myself.

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