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George Landrum
1/19/04 03:16 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1417 ] Reply to this post

Capt George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: The big new on the weather front for Cabo this week was rain. Yep, we got
some, and it was not the little sprinkles that dot the dust on the windshields! The rain started at 2
am on Tuesday and finally stopped Wednesday night. During that time the wind blew and we
ended up getting between 2 1/2 and 3 inches, the streets in town flooded and some of the dirt
streets washed out. On Thursday morning the back half of the front passed us and it rained hard,
with thunder and lightning, for another 6 hours. We just had half of the yearly rainfall out of
season! This means that in a week or two there will be flowers blooming everywhere in the
desert! Now, at the end of the week, it is sunny but still cool. Our lows have been in the high
50’s and highs in the high 70’s.

WATER: The Pacific side close to shore up past the lighthouse has been cool and green,
offshore on the Pacific it has been a little warmer, in the 72 degree range, but for the most part it
was choppy or just downright rough, due to the weather that blew through. On the Sea of Cortez
we have had cold water running from the Cape out to the 95 spot and then up to the 1150 and the
Gorda Bank area. This water has been from 69 to 71 degrees, slowly warming to 74 degrees the
farther offshore you went. The warmest water was due south about 15 miles and there it warmed
up to 74-75 degrees.

BAIT: We thought that bait was hard to get last week! All the rain we had dirtied up the water
and for several days there was no bait to be found . At the end of the week the bait boats were
having a little better luck and some Caballito (small) were being caught. The normal $2 per bait.


BILLFISH: As the week started the Marlin fishing took off and almost everyone was flying one,
two or three flags when they came in. The fish were close, to! Only 8 miles offshore and closer,
there were fish to be found almost everywhere. As the wind and rain came in on Tuesday the
water got rough, but the boats that went out had a great time, the fish were still there. At the end
of the week it seemed that the fish had been blown out, or the bait had moved. The Marlin were
difficult to find and hard to hook up. The beginning of the week it was a pretty even mix on lures
and live bait and at the end of the week if you found a fish, you needed live bait, which was
difficult to get.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Last week I said that the Banks were holding fish and boats working
chunks and live bait were scratching out a nice fish or two. I was right and the reports from the
Long-range boats out of San Diego show it. There were two of the big boys anchored on the San
Jaime this week and one of them unloaded in San Diego Saturday. The biggest Yellowfin was
reported in the 340# range and they said that their holds were plugged and most of the fish were
over 100#. The action was steady, but not red hot for anglers working chunks and live bait on the
kites. Heck, with boats that size I guess the weather we had did not affect them too much, but for
the local charters, we got beat up! Plus we did not have a chance to get any of those fish, it takes
a while to get a chunk line like that going and on our smaller boats even though we worked near
the, the fish were concentrated. At the end of the week there were a lot of small football fish and
a few schools of 25-40 pound fish being caught in the Porpoise. The Porpoise were mostly in the
slightly warmer water 15 miles out. Small feathers and cedar plugs were working on them.

DORADO: Scattered fish with the smaller 5-15 pound fish being found near shore and the
slightly larger fish to 40 pounds being found offshore, often with the Tuna and Porpoise. One of
the keys for Dorado was watching the Frigates working, then slow trolling live bait through the
area. Also being able to find floating debris worked well for a few boats, letting them limit out
on fish averaging 15 pounds.

WAHOO: Last week there was a Wahoo bite on the Sea of Cortez side of the cape and this
week it moved to the Pacific side. It was not red hot, but a few boats were reported to have
caught as many as eight fish, and I know for a fact that one of my friends got two fish at #80

IN SHORE: Sierra were the fish of the week for inshore fishing, but I have knowledge of two
Roosterfish that were caught as well, and they were nice ones! One of the fish was 58 pounds
and the other was right in there as well. That was at the beginning of the week and I don’t know
why they were around with the cold inshore water we have had. They sure were a surprise for the
anglers! Other than that, there have been Jack Crevalle and a few nice Snapper.

NOTES: Even more whales are coming in this week. One report I got concerned a whale that
was found caught up in a monofiliment gill net set for Sierra outside of the Santa Maria-Chileno
area. It was a female Humpback and she was caught around her pectorals and tail. The guys
from Cabo Expeditions and one of the dive shops went out and finally managed to cut her free,
doing so at risk to their own life. Of course the Yellowfin caught by the long range boats were
the big buzz at the end of the week. If the water calms down maybe there will still be fish there
and we can give it a shot. This weeks report was written to the music of Dire Straits on the 1985
Warner Bros. release “Brothers In Arms”. Thats it folks, until next week, Tight Lines!

1/20/04 02:24 AM
Re: Cabo Bite Report new [Post#: 1419 / re: 1417 ] Reply to this post

Talked a few fishin' buddies into a run south. Sounds like it'll be sometime in August. How's the fishing then? You seem very well informed and we are quite interested in the services of your boat. I've also been sent some e-info about 'Cabo Fishing Buddies' through a person affiliated with Red Rum Fishing and the Plaza Las Glorias. Ever hear of them? What's the Glorias like? Clean, safe accom is all we care about, fishing is why we go. Any info you can swing my way would be appreciated. There's lots of agents out there but not a lot of real people. Thanks George. And, again, good choice of tunes.

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