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(Unknown Angler )
3/19/01 02:12 PM
Cabo San Lucas Fish Report [Post#: 143 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: Let me start right off by saying that this week was almost a repeat of the prior week and the week before that as far as the wind was concerned. We had steady breezes and gusty conditions coming from the northwest all week, with the winds really getting into high gear starting Thursday evening. There was little cloud cover associated with the wind, unlike last week, and we were very glad of that, but the evening and early morning temperatures called for at least a light jacket for those of us with thin blood. Daytime temperatures were in the very comfortable 75-85 degree range with evenings dropping to the low 60’s.

WATER: Due to the windy conditions very few boats went beyond the lighthouse on the Pacific side. As a matter of fact, I have a few friends who were scheduled to do some boat deliveries to San Diego and they got out about 10 miles before turning back to wait it out. Near shore up to the lighthouse was in the lee of the wind but the water was still choppy. Outside of the Arches and up the Sea of Cortex for several miles it was a bit rough most afternoons but the further up north you got, the better the conditions. By the time most boats got to the area off the Westin Resort the water was in great shape. All the wind forced down and held cool water to the shore on the Pacific side of the cape and the near shore temperatures were in the mid to low 60’s. The temperature charts showed that San Jaime and Golden Gate Banks were several degrees warmer but there was no one fishing them that I was aware of. We did have nice warmer water just outside of Cabo on the Cortez side, and this warmer water extended along shore out to about three miles until outside of north San Jose. There it expanded and there was no cool water outside the three-mile area, it was all the same. By warm water I mean water in the 69-70 degree range. Out towards the Cabrillo Seamount there was a large area where a warm water eddy had bands of 71 and 70-degree water circulating.

BAIT: Lots of Caballito but not much Mackerel were available this week from the local bait boats. The usual price of $2 each was in effect. There were sardinas available up in San Jose and if you were there early you had a good chance of getting a good load. They were running about $20 for enough to last the day.


BILLFISH: Ok, this past week we started to see a few more Striped Marlin than in the past week, and they were biting a little better. It seems that instead of one Blue flag for every 10-15 boats we were seeing three or four flags for the same number. This is still by no means a good bite, but it is a definite improvement. The fish that were caught were mostly caught on live bait, tossed to them when they were found tailing on the surface. About 35% of them were caught on lures.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Without a doubt these fish were the bright spot for the week, at least for the boats willing to make the run and spend the fuel to reach Gordo Banks. The warmer water resulted in the reappearance of Sardinas in the area and it seems as if this also cleared the green water and brought in the Tuna. Most of the fish at the Gordo Banks were found on the Inner Banks and they were averaging 20-25 pounds. Once in a while a group of 35 pound fish would cruise through and there were the occasional 60-85 pound fish hooked up, with a few of them brought to the boat. With all the activity in the area after the word got out, the Yellowfin started to get a bit line shy and most of the boats were running hooks with no leader, instead tying the hooks directly to 20-40 pound test line. Live Sardinas were the way to go and mixing drift techniques with slow trolling constantly produced action. There were also reports of Yellowfin Tuna coming from Dolphin Pods located 40-50 miles out, mostly to the southeast. Some boats reported catching 20-25 fish within an hour or so. These fish were traveling through the area and there was no real consistency to the action out there.

DORADO: Definitely hit and miss on these great fighting and great eating fish. There were a few caught but there was no consistency to the action. It may be due to the cold water that the winds brought in, but I don’t think we are going to be seeing any concentrations of Dorado for a while yet.

WAHOO: Better to say “What Hoo?” Sorry Jeff!

INSHORE: Some boats are reporting hot action for large Snapper off the rock piles near shore and I have seen some of these catches come in. They are using the large live Caballito as bait and getting right into the rocks with them. I guess that if you are experienced and know what you are doing that they are there to be caught, I just never have much luck on them myself. I have also heard that there are quite a few Yellowtail being taken off of the Arches in the morning. Many of these fish are in the 20-pound range. Jigging iron in green/silver and blue/silver seems to be the key to many of the fish and some anglers are reporting white/scrambled eggs to be working well. These fish are being found down about 120 feet in 180 to 200 feet of water. Not so many Sierra as there were a few weeks past and the size of the Roosterfish is down. Most of the roosters are running about 5 pounds with a few in the 20-pound range being caught. There have been plenty of Skipjack to be found and they are keeping many anglers happy with the excellent fight they put up, if not for the taste on the table.

ONSHORE: Hey, it’s Spring Break!

Well, that’s all until next week folks! I have my fingers crossed that the Yellowfin bite stays good and that the Marlin bite improves. Guess that we will just have to wait and see. Until then, “Tight Lines”!

George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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