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Jihn Wells
2/16/04 10:47 PM
Outlook Sooke BC [Post#: 1453 ] Reply to this post

Sooke Report

Anglers are taking advantage of the good weather and finding some great fishing. We had some fish in the high teens plus a few in the twenties, good size fish for this time of year. With Feb just a week away you bet the Halibut anglers are getting ready to hit the water in numbers. I expect another great halibut season, even in the early part of Feb. It normally heats up around the end of Feb and lasts well into April for the Big Beasts, we always have Chickens in the Sooke area. I will be heading out in late Feb looking for these Beasts. Just before the Halibut closed for the month of Jan we had a few nice halibut come in from the Sooke Bluffs, these Halibut where between 40 and 80 pounds. Lets hope we can see that 250 landed between now and April, last year was close at 235 pounds. Last weekend the Chinook fishing was outstanding, with many boats reporting catch and release of up to 30 fish in a few hours.

Sooke is shaping up for another successful season, it is a season that never ends in Sooke. One species after another, migratory Chinook should show in our Sooke waters by late May. Normally I get the first Tyee around March 28, this is a small run that comes through around the last week of March, the last three years its been March 29, 30. Then we get what I call Mothers day fish, I seem to catch another run a day before Mothers day, this run can hang around for a week or two depending on the bait in the area. Otter point is the spot to be, I fish half a mile off Otter itself, deep 120 ft in 250 of water. Then in the last two weeks of May our Tyee season is officially is under way in Sooke. This year is already taking shape, with these fish I mentioned above. It can only get better, now we will see less Chinook pressure if you want to call it that, as anglers have Halibut fever starting Feb 1st. We do not get many anglers fishing Chinook at this time of year, mostly guides fishing. No need to freeze Salmon here in Sooke, we just head out for a few hours and catch one for dinner, especially at this time of year.

Crabbing in Renfrew is fantastic, lots of big full males. The trick is not to leave your trap down over night. The traps will find them selves buried in sand, and what a job to pull them up. I will be in Renfrew in April looking for Ling Cod and Crab, like to book a trip send me an e-mail and let me know a date you are interested in, we are only doing a few of these trips. I believe we will be the only boat fishing this area at that time. I have over the years headed up to get my fill of crab and Ling Cod on the Easter Weekend, it has never disappointed me that's for sure.

Out-Look for 2004

This is a hard subject do to the fact that DFO keeps saying its going to be the same or better than last year. Well how can that be, fishing over the past 4 years has been outstanding. Last year huge Chinook and Coho came in from Sooke to Renfrew all in record numbers. Now we expect the same or better, bring it on we are ready. Last years clients are reading this going not possible as every time a rod hit the water on Swiftsure we hooked up. In fact allot of the time we did not use rod holders, no need. Great fun.

Halibut fishing is also going to be the same as the last few years which is good news. I am looking forward to fishing for Large Halibut this coming season, starting March 1 in Sooke. We normally fish all year long, but with the new boat been built it has cost us a few months, well worth the wait.

Like to see the new boat well it will be at the Vancouver Boat show between Feb 4 till 8. Hope to see you there.

I wish you bent rods and blistered palms

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