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Delta Guides
4/2/04 03:09 AM
South Carolina Shallow Saltwater Report [Post#: 1498 ] Reply to this post

South Carolina Shallow Saltwater Fishing Report
03-01-04 through 03-31-04

The old saying about March didn’t hold true this time. It came in like a lion and left like a lion! It was a battle of wind and muddy water for most of the month but we still managed to pull a few good trips out of it. Our first trip of the month was nearly windless and we paid for it the rest of the month. On that first trip we landed 30 reds in four hours of fishing, and all but three were on the fly. We caught them on several patterns but the one that caught the most was a black “Wooly Bugger.” This has always been a good performer in clear, cold, saltwater for reds. It’s one of those that throws easily and should be fished really slowly. One fly tying magazine says it is “Probably the world’s most popular all-purpose fly.” My client could have continued catching fish but he said his hand and elbow were getting tired since most of the fish were in the three to 9.25 pound size.

After that the wind kept us from seriously using fly tackle and we went to using artificials such as jigs, spoons, and crank baits. Most of the trips caught at least a few reds and several trout but I did have two one fish days. Those are real heart breakers, to the clients and to the guide. I know nearly all of the guides in this area and many from distant areas and they all take pride in catching big numbers of fish and are genuinely disappointed with poor catches. During the cold snaps that came across we got to see some of the really big schools of reds. Some schools would have upwards of 200 fish and most would have from 50 to 100 in the group. However, when they are grouped like that, they are nearly impossible to catch.

Spotted sea trout should be coming in around the first to the middle of May. We have caught a few, but none of them have been spawners. We are seeing a lot of the “glass minnows” in the estuaries so, we take that as a sign the trout will be here shortly. The shad are here in good numbers now and should remain with us at least until the middle of April. A buddy and I went after them one day about two weeks ago and caught 56 in four hours of fishing. It was cold and raining and we pretty much had the area to ourselves. We used light tackle with 1/8 oz. grubs fished deep and slow. Some guides catch them on fly tackle but, if you try it, you will need a full sink line to get down to their depth. Tiny, minnow imitator, baits seem to work best.

Good fishing!

Gene Dickson
Delta Guide Service
Georgetown, SC

4/6/04 09:44 PM
Re: South Carolina Shallow Saltwater Report new [Post#: 1507 / re: 1498 ] Reply to this post

just wondering if you've seen my iron.Ive fished florida many years and only used that diamond jigs.This is 100% easier and works way

4/19/04 05:34 PM
Re: South Carolina Shallow Saltwater Report new [Post#: 1519 / re: 1498 ] Reply to this post

please check out my lure I just made a tv show about snapper in Mexico. My lure is really different.Im new but the iron works great.Denis

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