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4/5/04 01:13 AM
Kenstick Lures [Post#: 1501 ] Reply to this post

There use to be a lure called a "Kenstick" that had a great walk the dog action that is good for reds and snook. I'm down to 3 left and if a jack shows up in the area they get put away. Anyone have any idea if the makers are still around and/or where I can find more

10/5/05 04:25 AM
Re: Kenstick Lures new [Post#: 2045 / re: 1501 ] Reply to this post

dear friend, i'm looking for any KENSTICK, i tried to find in all my country but is hard to find. can you sell me any KENSTICK ou do you know who can make it?
thank you
Alex Pomarico/Brazil
my e-mail:

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