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George Landrum
4/5/04 02:06 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1502 ] Reply to this post

Capt George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: It’s hard for me to believe but this weeks weather was an exact repeat of last
weeks! The week started out all right with little wind and the warm waters close to home, but on
Monday it started to blow again. The wind kept up through Wednesday and then dropped off.
Some of us thought that we may have has winds to 35 knots for almost all day on Tuesday! A
little cloud cover accompanied it, but no rain. Our evening lows were in the high 60’s and
daytime highs were around the mid 90’s. At the end of the week we were again into sunny skies
and light winds.

WATER: Cold water was wrapped around the Cape this week with water out to 15 miles in the
low to mid 60’s. Not until you got at least 15 miles to the south or out the same distance on the
Sea of Cortez did it warm up to the low 70’s. On the Pacific side there was a huge temperature
break where the water went from 68 to 75 in a short three mile distance, out 50 miles to the
southwest, but the water was so bad that only the largest private boats even tried to fish there.
Those that did found good fishing, but did not enjoy the ride. Closer to home the water was very
rough on Tuesday and Wednesday, then mellowed out a bit. That was on both side of the Cape
as the strong winds that blew on Tuesday and Wednesday were from the west-northwest and
there was no hiding from them.

BAIT: The normal $2 per bait for Caballito and small Mackerel with some Sardinas available at
$20 a bucket.


BILLFISH: At the beginning of the week it was very good fishing for Striped Marlin with some
boats hooking into three or four fish per trip. The best I heard of was a seven fish trip. Most of
the boats were lucky to get one fish to the side of the boat though, as most of the fish found were
not interested in eating. The area around the 95 spot and up to the 1150 held good quantities of
Marlin and they were feeding on squid, at least by the lure color results! Most of the lure strikes
were on Petrelero colored lures, and as I said, they were not really interested in live baits offered
to them. Later in the week, after the wind blew, the fish seemed to disappear, perhaps due to the
warmer water moving farther offshore. There were a few Swordfish caught by boats fishing at
night with squid and cylume lights, and all the squid out there may be the reason these Billfish are
around in numbers right now.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Almost all the Yellowfin I saw or heard about this week were football fish
and many of them were not found with Porpoise, but instead found in free swimming schools.
Small feathers in dark colors worked well as did larger lures in Petrelero (sure must be a lot of
squid out there now). The Sea of Cortez side, out to 15 miles while the wind blew, and out a bit
farther after it stopped on the weekend had the majority of the fish, perhaps due to the small
temperature break there.

DORADO: Scattered fish, and good sized ones, were the order for the week. many of the
Dorado found and caught were in the 25-50 pound class. Marlin lures in Petrelero go the first
ones and live bait on the drop back usually hooked up another. Warmer water, out past the
temperature break was where most of the fish were found, though there were a few found close to
shore on the Cortez side up around the Palmilla Hotel.

WAHOO: 18 Miles to the south at the beginning of the week had a small concentration of
Wahoo on the temperature break, but the bite died off as the moon phase changed, or maybe it
was due to the heavy winds moving in the cool water. Whatever the reason, there were some nice
fish caught early in the week, then nothing. Again, Petrelero was the color of the week.

INSHORE: It was slow inshore this week, at that was partly due to the heavy winds in the
middle of the week. Boats going out did have a bit of a variety though as there were still Sierra to
be caught. Most of them were in the 5-8 pound class and the best results were had on hoochies
that were jigged as they were trolled. Guess that extra action works the hungries into the Sierra!
There were also Roosterfish found. Of course they were small, with very few of the over 5
pounds, but it is a good sign of things to come.

NOTES: Not a red banner week on the fishing front, nor on the weather front! Hopefully Easter
week will be more productive and more comfortable. We hope everyone enjoys the holiday and
has a great time, whatever you are doing! This weeks report was written to the music of Jerry
Lee Lewis on the 1997 KRB release “Great Balls of Fire, the Collectors Edition”. Until next
week, Tight Lines!

4/6/04 09:40 PM
Re: Cabo Bite Report new [Post#: 1505 / re: 1502 ] Reply to this post

just wondering if you fish irons there? Ive had clients do well on wahoo ,dorado and tuna.?

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