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(Unknown Angler )
3/26/01 02:06 PM
Cabo San Lucas Fish Report [Post#: 151 ] Reply to this post


Captain George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing

WEATHER: This past week has been an example of why people love to come to Cabo. The weather has warmed up, we have had sunshine everyday and the temperatures ranged form the low 70’s to high 80’s. No cloud cover and very light winds contribute to the feeling of living in Paradise.

WATER: conditions have been perfect for fishing this past week. Light winds have kept the chop down and the Pacific side has had only a small 3” swell. Glassy conditions in the morning, change to wind riffled surfaces midday and a light chop by late afternoon. Water temperatures are starting to go up with the Pacific side of the cape being in the high 60’s and the sea of Cortez up to 73 degree. A long finger of cool weather has extended south of the cape, but it is beginning to warm up also. We have a warm water current eddy approaching from the southeast that should raise the temperatures overall in the region and hopefully bring in more fish.

BAIT: A mix of Caballito and Mackerel have been available all week at the usual price of $2.00 USD per bait. Sardinas in Cabo San Lucas have been about $20. per scoop, but if purchased in San Jose they have been about $5-10 a scoop.


BILLFISH: Thanks goodness the Striped Marlin bite is beginning to pick up. Everyone is attributing this to the increase in water temperature and decrease in bait abundance. It is also possible the improved water conditions have made it easier to spot tailing fish. Whatever the reason, there have been more Marlin reported this week than for the last 3 weeks combined. Almost all of these fish have been caught on live bait.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Consistency has been the hallmark of Yellowfin tuna fishing at Gordo Banks. But while consistent, there have not been large amount s caught. Most boats have been getting 1-5 fish per trip and sizes running 15-35 lbs with the occasional 60-75 lb fish for excitement. Boats able to happenchance on the porpoise have done well with quantities of 10-20 pound footballs and an occasional 50-70 pounder. These fish have been falling for cedar plugs and feather jigs. The porpoise have been from 15-30 miles to the southeast of the cape.

DORADO: A few scattered fish have been found and most of them have been 12-15 pounds. Feather jigs and live bait have been working well when the fish are found. Most have been found mixed in with the tuna offshore.

WAHOO: I saw an 80 pound fish yesterday that was caught while working porpoise for tuna, but was the only Wahoo I have seen all week. There are some out there !!!

INSHORE: The water is warming up a bit so the yellowtail bite that was going on at the Arches has fallen off almost as soon as it started to get good. The bite was good on the tide change for fishing the 15-25 lb class and most of them were caught on iron jigged in the mid-depths of 75-125 feet. Skipjack action has been red-hot for fish in the 10-15 lb range and a few Sierra have rounded out the active inshore bite. The Pargo that wee supplying occasional hot action have moved to deeper water for the most part, as the moon has changed phase.

NOTE: The whales are starting to move out, the water is warming up and the fishing should start to turn on soon. It’s still spring Break and there are a lot of kids in town. Doesn’t seem to be as many rowdy’s as last year though, of course as a fisherman, I am usually in bed by 9.

Until Next time, Tight Lines,
Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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