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Fishing _BC
5/30/04 05:38 PM
Vancouver Island BC [Post#: 1577 ] Reply to this post

After a couple of weeks of slower than normal fishing around area 14, things have recently taken a turn for the better. On our way out fish the reefs at Flora Islets we came across several flocks of gulls actively feeding on large schools of bait around Chrome Island and in Tribune Bay. Sighting like this early in the season, along with the larger than normal herring spawn, should keep those hungry salmon well fed and holding in our favorite fishing grounds all summer long. Our latest charter out to the south end of Hornby Island started and finished with smiles all around. After dropping our lines in 200 ft of water, and started heading southwest, we soon came upon one of the most productive shallow reefs I know of. Hugging the bottom in 90 ft of water trolling a small silver/prism flasher and a 5” fluorescent green and silver Coyote spoon (6 ft leader) we were soon rewarded with a nice 14 lb Chinook that fought like a fish twice it’s size. After landing the first fish of the day, I quickly changed the setup on the other downrigger to match the setup the setup that hooked our first fish, and headed back over the same reef. Within minutes the new setup worked and we were battling a much larger fish. After several long runs along the bottom and a couple of spectacular jumps we soon had a beautiful 26 lb Chinook netted alongside the boat. We bled out both fish immediately after boating them, an important step most anglers overlook, and it makes for a much tastier dinner. Tribune Bay is starting to show some good size fish around the marker buoy. In this area I always start out with my gear at 66 ft and try to cover as much of the shallow water as possible using much the same setup as mentioned above. Trolling in erratic patterns with plenty of turns and different speeds can really entice some strikes when the bite turns off or the tide is not quite right. Using some form of scent on your gear AND flashers can really make a difference, as salmon have an incredible sense of smell. Never handle your gear after slopping on sunscreen, as no salmon will come within ten feet of your gear. There has been some talk of a limited Lingcod fishery in the Georgia Strait this season, but don’t get your hopes up, we’ll just have to wait and see……..check out our website at For charters or angling info give a call at (250) 954-6500 24 hr pager…….. toll free at 1-800-577-6966 or drop us a line via e-mail at

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