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George Landrum
8/2/04 02:35 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1657 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: Hot and humid again with light winds in the afternoons keeping us from baking. Our night time lows have been in the mid to high 70’s while the daytime highs have been averaging around 93 degrees, and once in a while hitting 107 in the direct sun. No rain this week and none expected for the next week either.

WATER: We had warm water across the area at the beginning of the week but around Wednesday night there was a cold water upwelling at the Cape. The cold water was around 73 degrees and forced many of the fish away from the immediate area. As of now there is a band of cold water running down the Pacific coast and out to the south 20 miles, but there is a band of warm water about 83 degrees coming back across the front of the Cape from the Sea of Cortez. All the banks have pretty much remained their same temperatures this week with the Gorda, 1150 and 95 Spot staying 83 to 84 degrees and the San Jaime staying about 80-81 degrees. Surface conditions have been very good close to shore and there have been some fair sized swells farther out, along with a bit of wind chop in the afternoons.

BAIT: No change on bait availability, the normal summer selection with Caballito and Mullet at $2 per bait and occasionally Sardinas available at around $25 a bucket.


BILLFISH: Perhaps our Blue Moon this week was a bad omen, but the Marlin bite dropped off once again as the week came to an end. Most boats were seeing one or two Striped Marlin on the surface and if they were lucky they were getting a bite from one of them, but it was not a consistent thing, for sure. There were still Blue Marlin making their presence known, but again, they were not plentiful. The best areas this week seemed to be around the Cortez banks, with the better luck being had at the Gorda, 1150 and 95 Spot. Live bait was the key to success for the boats that found Striped Marlin and lures brought up the Blue and Black guys.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: We still had action on the Football fish this week but there were also a couple of flurries of action on the bigger fish as well. For the boats that were able to be at the right place at the right time, Tuesday at the San Jaime kicked out some nice Yellowfin in the 80-100 pound class with the best results being had by the early boats in the area and using large dark colored lures. These fish were associated with a large school of Porpoise, and as the week continued there were more Porpoise seen and more large fish seen, but bite dropped off. Friday saw some of those #100 fish caught at the Gorda banks by boats working live Sardinas on light lines, but that was almost the only thing that worked on them. There were plenty of Porpoise and Tuna seen on the other high spots on the Cortez, but the Yellowfin bite was very sporadic and the bigger fish were very line shy. Most boats were lucky to get a fish or two in the box.

DORADO: Fishing is all about being in the right place at the right time, and the Dorado bite this week was a perfect example. I know of many boats that never even saw a Dorado this week and others that caught as many as a dozen in one trip. The area off of the lighthouse on the Pacific side was a great area before the cold water flared up, and then the fish seemed to go away. Boats that worked the banks on the Pacific side had a few bites on nice fish to 60 pounds, but there was no wide open action found. Close to shore on the Cortez side there were a few more fish later in the week and they were averaging 15 pounds, but there were not the large schools we have been hoping for. Getting a fish or two was as much as most boats could hope for this week. Best action was had by slow trolling live Caballito.

WAHOO: Still little action on the Wahoo, but I expect the action to pick up this week with us going past the full moon.

INSHORE: Some action was had on Amberjack and Grouper, but the Roosterfish near Cabo seemed to be off the bite. The Pez Gallo action seemed to be happening a little further up the coat on the Cortez side, and the key to getting a good bite going was the use of live Mullet as bait. Inshore Dorado to 15 pounds provided a surprise now and then as well.

NOTES: This weeks fishing remained slow, and I am not going to predict what nest week will bring, but my fingers are crossed and if I don’t have a charter I will be out there scoping it out on my own! This weeks report was written to the silence of my speakers as I needed an aural break. Construction going on across the street from the house and a race week has cars and bikes screaming up and down the road. I sure am glad our street was paved last year! Until next week, Tight Lines!

8/4/04 08:08 PM
Re: Cabo Bite Report new [Post#: 1661 / re: 1657 ] Reply to this post

any wahoo at all?

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