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Delta Guides
4/9/01 00:23 AM
South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Report [Post#: 167 ] Reply to this post

South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Fishing Report
Week of 04-01-01 through 04-07-01

Plenty of wind and no-see-ums and a few fish. High winds along with the Full Moon tides has caused the water in some areas to be so muddy that we can't see the fish, and they can't see the baits. On a couple of the trips we wound up just anchoring and putting bait on the bottom and catching a couple of decent fish. One day was a complete wash out, because of the windy conditions, so we quit and came in early. Then, we had a couple of decent days right at the end of the week. With the water warmer, the reds have been grabbing these weedless spoons pretty good. I will put a trailer on the hook so you can slow the retrieve rate. The extra resistence created by the trailer will let you fish is slower without it sinking so deep. The tail off of a 4" curly tail grub works just great, and adds more resistance than say a pork rind or a straight type of trailer. When making a trailer like this, take a knife and cut about 3/4 of the body off of the tail. Then stick the hook through the body piece that is still attached to the tail about 1/4 inch from the cut that you made. This will let the trailer ride in the bend of the hook as you retrieve the bait through the water. We use this type of set up when fishing heavy grass, or over shell beds. I don't think the addition of the trailer makes the bait any more attractive to the fish, it just lets you slow the presentation. And always remember, it is hard to get a bait to travel too slowly for a red.

Total for the week was: Seven reds with the largest at 8#. We also caught 2 small flounder so maybe they will start to show on a regular basis.

Thanks, Gene Dickson
Delta Guide Service
Georgetown, SC 1-843-546-3645

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