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(Unknown Angler )
4/9/01 02:50 PM
Cabo San Lucas Fish Report [Post#: 172 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: We have finally gotten the nice weather that we have been praying for. The wind blew for the first two days this week and then it got warm and the wind disappeared. We have had sunny days all week and the daytime temperatures have been in the high 70’s to high 80’s, nighttime in the mid to low 70’s. No rain this week but things are still looking pretty green down here.

WATER: If the nice weather continues maybe the warmer water will move in and the fishing closer to home will improve. We have still had cold water close in all week, with the temperatures close to home being in the 60-63 degree range. There was a large area of warm water on both the Pacific side and the Sea of Cortez side but you had to travel at least 40 miles out to get there. That was in the beginning of the week, as the days wore on the warm water began to move closer in, yesterday we were seeing 70 degree water as close as 28 miles on the Sea of Cortez. My normal Sea Temperature provider,, has had satellite problems this past week and I have been unable to follow the movements of warm and cold water in areas we have not fished.

BAIT: We have had the normal availability, a mix of both Mackerel and Caballito at $2 per bait. There have been very few Sardinas available, you had to be the first boats out to get any this past week, when you did get them they were the usual Cabo price of $20 per scoop.


BILLFISH: It looks as if the Striped Marlin bite might pick up soon. With the warm water coming in closer, that will help a lot. We saw a few fish at the beginning of the week and as the weekend drew near, along with the full moon, there were more fish seen but fewer bites reported. Best results were had by boats pitching live bait to fish found on the surface. There were reports of a strong Striped Marlin bite up in the east-cape area but not a lot was happening here.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: The normally dependable Gordo banks area was suffering from very cold water and an occasional day of high winds this week and there were few reported Yellowfin from that area. Instead, most of the Tuna reported were coming from Porpoise pods located well to the southeast of Cabo, out in the warmer 70-degree water. Having to travel from 2 to 3 hours to get to the fish was a deterrent for most of the boats as was the fact that just because they were in one area on one day did not mean that they would be there the next. Most of the fish were football to 35 pounds. A few nicer ones in the 60-100 pound range were caught and there were reports of several that might have gone 200+ pounds reported hooked up. Boats using cedar plugs in both 6” and 9” size, feathers in green/yellow and Blue Mackerel Rapalas in the CD18 SS model had best results.

DORADO: A few scattered Dorado were reported close to shore on the Sea of Cortez side, but there were no concentrations found. The boats fishing near-shore for Yellowtail and Sierra caught the fish that were found. Average size was 8-10 pounds with an occasional fish to 20lbs.

WAHOO: No reported Wahoo for this week.

INSHORE: Everyone thought that the Yellowtail bite was going to take off when the cold water moved in, but it has been pretty much a hit and miss fishery this past week. Remember last week when I reported that the bite seemed to be concentrated on the tide change? Well, that changed this week and it seemed that there was no one time frame during the day when the fishing was better. Most inshore anglers were lucky to get a half-dozen Sierra, an Amberjack or two and possibly one or two Yellowtail during a half-day trip. There were good reports as far as Bonito and Skipjack fishing go and these fish provided a lot of action for people who were not looking to fill the cooler with fillets. They provided good action when using 12-20 pound test gear as some of the Bonito were going up to 15 pounds in size. Bottom fishing was scratchy but there were a few boats reporting decent catches of Triggerfish and Snapper, caught mostly on red crab.

NOTES: No, the Charter business is not for sale, just my house! We are not leaving Cabo but since we live here fulltime we were not able to get a U.S. Mortgage on the home. If you are interested it is 8 blocks from the marina, 2-½ bed, 2-½ bath, 1,800 sq. ft. 2 story 14 year old home with an existing bank trust in place. My equity is 30,000 with a balance due of 55,000 in 60 days. Or hey, offer me a loan! I’m willing to pay 12% on a 5-year simple interest loan and will place the lender on the trust as 1st beneficiary! Thank you, that just saved me from having to answer another 25 e-mails this week. Until next week,

Tight Lines!
Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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