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George Landrum
10/4/04 02:07 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1748 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: As the week came to an end we were able to sleep at night without the use of an air conditioner so you know it has cooled off a bit. Our night time lows were in the mid 70’s while the day time highs were around 90 degrees. We had an afternoon breeze from the northwest that kept us cool and the water just a little bit choppy on the Pacific side. Most of the week it was clear skies with a few clouds at times, but no rain at all. October is normally the month when all this happens (things cool down and the weather gets great) and this year everything seems to be on schedule.

WATER: On the Pacific side of the Cape we have had a band of warm water running along the coast then turning out to the southwest. It looks like it is the edge of a cool water eddy working it’s way south out around the area of the San Jaime Banks and it has been holding fish. The cool water center has been showing at 80 degrees while the warm water edges have been around 84 degrees. Directly south of the Cape during the early and mid part of the week the water was in the 81 degree range and on the Cortez side it was 83 degrees almost everywhere except up around Punta Gorda where it climbed to 85 degrees. Surface conditions on the Pacific were good with an occasional morning where it was choppy but in general the swells were not bad and the wind light. On the Cortez side it was almost like a lake most of the week.

BAIT: The usual Caballito were available but not everyone was able to get what they wanted as on some mornings supplies were limited. This has been normal for this time of the year since I have been here. In a surprise to me, we were able to get large Sardines one morning, nice 7” baits. As normal, the price remained at $2 per bait.


BILLFISH: There was not a lot of change in Billfish activity or availability this week. Just as last week the Sailfish that were found were mixed in with the Dorado up on the Pacific side within 2 miles of the beach at Golden Gate Bank area. The Gorda Banks, Punta Gorda and Los Frailles were supplying some nice Blue Marlin for boats making the long trip up there and there were both Blue and Striped Marlin to be found around the 92 spot and the 1150. A lot of boats have been pulling large lures for Blue Marlin, getting in practice for the tournaments coming up, and they have been having fair success, not great results this week, but that may be due to the moon phase more than the availability of fish.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Strangely the Yellowfin bite dropped off quite a bit this week. With the full moon I would expect it to pick up but most of the fish I did see were small footballs. Every day I got excited seeing lots of white flags but upon asking anglers found that they were being flown for Bonita and Skipjack. Porpoise on the Pacific side held fish if you were there early and there were footballs found in the blind near shore on the Pacific, but overall the bite was off. It’s really too bad because being able to get those large Sardines really had my hopes up for a big Tuna!

DORADO: The Dorado were definitely the fish of the week as every boat I saw was flying at least one yellow flag. Boats that left early seemed to bet bit a few more times and for the schooling fish the area inside the Golden Gate Banks and just off shore on the Pacific side seemed to be a favorite place to feed. Spotting feeding Frigate birds or keeping the first fish hooked in the water until the school showed up worked great on fish that were mostly in the 10-12 pound range. Off shore on both the Pacific and the Cortez side there were larger fish, some in the 40-50 pound class. If a fish came in on the lures and did not hook up, working the area for a few passes often brought another chance.

WAHOO: There were still Wahoo being caught, but it seems no one is really concentrating on them. Most of the fish are being caught by boats concentrating on Dorado so they have been an incidental catch. The average size has been 25 pounds but a few fish to 60 pounds have hit the deck this week as well.

INSHORE: Almost solely a Dorado show this week, with a few bottom fish tossed in. No Sierra showing yet as the water is still warm, and the Rooster bite is off as well.

NOTES: The moon phase was full this week and that had a strong effect on the Marlin bite, as the moon gets smaller the bite should improve. The town has been almost full each day as Cruise ships, between one and three a day, anchor out in the bay. Charter bookings have been great as well. I may be gone for part of the coming week, bringing a boat down from San Diego, but I will try and get updated as soon as I get back. Anyone interested in a 2001 50’ Viking for any of the tournaments with me as Captain please contact me for more information. This weeks report was written to the music of Rod Stewart on the 2001 Warner release “The Very Best Of” album. Until next week, tight lines!

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