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10/6/04 11:55 PM
AWESOME EVENING ON THE BAY [Post#: 1752 ] Reply to this post

Hello every one, I just happened to stumble across this message board, and thought i,d tell you all about a resent trip on the Chesapeake bay.................................. Launched my boat at Rocky point state park (in baltimore county)and headed out of the backriver and into the ches. bay without a boat in sight, to a spot called MAN O WAR SHOALS and began drifting over the lump and jigging with 3 oz stingsilvers, I was catching plenty of dinks (small rockfish) and 13" whiteperch. while over to the side of me i noticed three seagulls feeding on the surface, I motored over to them and began jigging and it was on!! As soon as the jig hit the bottom i would get a keeper size fish on (over 18"). I caught over 30 fish from 18 to 30" in about twenty minutes. after a while more birds came and also more fishermen,it started to slow up after a while, when the tight school began to disperse,but i still managed to catch a fish about every ten mintues.eventually there was birds working from the western shore of the bay, clear over to the eastern shore ( about 8 miles!). the sun began to set, so i called it a day...A great three hours of fishing!Another great day on the bay.........I wish they were always that good

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