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George Landrum
10/18/04 02:07 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1758 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: Night time lows in the low 70’s and day time highs around 85 degrees have made the last few days great to be out and about in. The week before it was colder and much windier. No rain and mostly clear skies for both weeks.

WATER: This past week we had a band of warm water work its way down the Sea of Cortez from the coast and out around five miles. It wrapped around the Cape and extended up the coast on the Pacific side. This water was from 84 to 86 degrees and at the end of this week it had started to dissipate with a pool of cool water coming in from offshore on the Cortez side. The water north of the Gorda Banks remained warm at 85 degrees. The color has been a deep blue. On the Pacific side there has been a distinct temperature break for the last few days on the San Jaime Banks as cool 77 degree water to the west has met with the warm 80+ degree water to the east. This temperature break has been very sharp and has occurred in less than a mile.

BAIT: The usual $2 per bait and almost all of it was Caballito.


BILLFISH: Of course there was a little burst of activity just before the tournaments started but we were lucky in that it continued at a pretty fair pace. There were still plenty of Striped Marlin to be found and the Sailfish were still around as well. The Sails were found in the warmer water on the Cortez side while the Striped Marlin were scattered. Blue Marlin seemed to be more prevalent on the Coe with the area around the 1150 and the Gorda Banks producing good fish and in fair numbers.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Scattered fish with most of them from football size to 25 pounds were found under Porpoise on the Cortez side and there were some larger fish, to #100 found at the temperature break on the Pacific side. Live bait worked for the larger fish while feathers in light colors were good for the football and school fish.

DORADO: The Dorado bite this week seemed to have dropped off a bit from what we were seeing several weeks ago, but that may be due to the tournaments with many of the boats concentrating on Billfish. Close to shore along the temperature break on the Cortez and the Pacific side seemed to hold more fish than elsewhere and almost any lure worked, as long as it was not too large.

WAHOO: There were still Wahoo being caught, but it seems no one is really concentrating on them. Most of the fish are being caught by boats concentrating on Dorado so they have been an incidental catch. The average size has been 25 pounds but a few fish to 60 pounds have hit the deck this week as well.

INSHORE: I had no reports on the inshore bite this week, sorry about that.

NOTES: My apologies for the lack of a fish report last week, I was on a boat delivery from San Diego to Cabo and it took a few more days to complete than was planned for. As soon as I got back (the morning of the 13th) it was full speed ahead with the tournaments and lots of catching up with boats. This weeks report was written to the sounds of “Pfysh” on the album “Heads”, once again my deepest gratitude to Charley for the new album selections!

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