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George Landrum
10/25/04 02:35 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1763 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: Our temperature at night has varied between the low 70’s and the low 80’s with the warmer temps during the later part of the week as we had cloud cover (along with rain) move into the area, trapping the warm air. Our day time highs have been around the low 90’s, with the beginning of the week sunny and cooler and the end of the week cloudy and a bit damp. The winds have varied, but generally from the north as light breezes.

WATER: The band of warm water off the Cortez side narrowed this week as cooler water (and a bit greener as well) moved in from the south. The warm water band was only about 6 miles off shore but again it extended past the Cape and out toward the San Jaime Banks. The water up the Pacific coast was a bit cooler but maintained a fairly good light blue color. Surface conditions were great as we had only light winds this week with a bit of surface swell.

BAIT: The usual $2 per bait and almost all of it was Caballito. There were Sardinas available as well at $20 a scoop.


BILLFISH: The Billfish had pretty intense pressure put on them this week with the Bisbee Open and the Bisbee Black and Blue tournaments taking place. The Blue and Black Marlin seemed to be more concentrated on the Cortez side with almost all the money fish coming from that area. The big fish for both tournaments were Black Marlin. The Pacific side had the concentrations of Striped Marlin as they seemed to prefer the slightly cooler water found there. The best areas for the Striped seemed to be between one and five miles off shore, the Blacks on the Gorda Banks and on the 50 fathom drops and the Blues along the 100 fathom drops.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Almost all the Yellowfin reported this week were caught as bait for the tournament fishermen and by Pangas working the same areas. These areas were just off the light house on the Pacific side, on the ledge there, and just off the beach in 200 feet of water on the Cortez side in front of the Hacienda Del Mar Resort and Gray Rock. Chumming with live Sardines brought up the fish and they were almost all footballs between 8 and 15 pounds.

DORADO: The Dorado became the fish of the week as major numbers moved in just off the beach between Gray Rock on the Cortez side and north of the Golden Gate Banks on the Pacific side, as well as almost all the areas between. It was common for boats to limit out this week on fish between #10 and #25 with a few larger fish and lots of smaller ones (hopefully most of which were released). Smaller lures in bright colors, live Caballito and Sardinas were the keys to getting a cooler full of fish, and most boats that were working for them had no problem. It may have helped that there were so many boats entered in the tournaments, it may have taken a lot of pressure off of the Dorado.

WAHOO: There were a lot more Wahoo caught this week than we normally get and they seem to be concentrated near shore. It may be because of the number of small bait fish we are seeing, but almost every boat fishing close in for Dorado ahs had at least one Wahoo bite per day. Some boats have been getting multiple fish per day and they are ranging in size from #20 to #40. The same areas that are holding the Dorado are holding the Wahoo as well, from Gray Rock on the Cortez side to inside the Golden Gate on the Pacific side.

INSHORE: Almost every Panga Captain that I talked to this week and every one I saw on the water have been concentrating on the Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo.

NOTES: Now that there is only one tournament to go I may have time to get some stuff around the house taken care of! And there are a few boats that need some work as well, don’t worry guys, I am on it this week. Comfortable weather this week, less pressure and crowds in the week ahead, I just might be able to get some rest! No music this week, I have been getting a bit of this typed at a time as things get taken care of here at home. Next week I hope to have something new for you, so stay tuned! Until then, tight lines!

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