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12/6/04 03:56 AM
STELLWAGEN BANK,MA- Cod Fishing 12/4/04 [Post#: 1806 ] Reply to this post

STELLWAGEN BANK, MA- Cod Fishing, Dec. 4, 2004

Traveling angler Mike McKernan and friends from New Jersey toughed out the NW winds on Saturday to fish the grounds east of the bank. This late fall trips proved to be one the most productive of the 2004 season. B-Fast’s DECISIVE first drop in the deep-water started three hours of non-stop catching. Doubles of 8-15 pound pollock hit the jig and teaser rigs keeping both the mate and captain busy in the cockpit filling the fish boxes. Capt. Scott commented that this was the fastest fishing he has ever experienced. A few redfish and cusk took skimmer clams after the pollock blitz slowed.

A move to the bank’s eastern edge to fish structure produced about 15 haddock and some cod to 12 pounds of clam-bait presentations to round out the catch. The arm-weary Garden State anglers headed home with coolers full of fish filets for the freezer.

New regulations are in effect in the Gulf of Maine now and for the future. Haddock have been removed from the bag limit and the size limit decreased to 19 inches. The cod bag limit has been raised to 10 cod per person on the vessel—including the captain and mate—year round. This is a significant change over last winter and should serve to restore our winter recreational fishery for traveling anglers. We will be running trips throughout the fall and winter months.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

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