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George Landurm
1/10/05 06:33 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1833 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: Brr! This has been the coldest week of the year so far. Of course it’s also the first week of the year so there is not a lot of comparison but still, when the early morning thermometer reading outside the kitchen window shows 55 degrees, its cold! Our day time highs have been into the low 80’s and high 70’s so that has been fine, but better have a sweater for the mornings! We had mostly clear days this week with a few light clouds and at the end of the week the wind that had been coming up in the afternoons had disappeared.

WATER: The water within 20 miles of the coast on both sides of the Cape was pretty steady at 72-73 degrees this week and there was a band of warm water to 76 degrees just past that distance on the Cortez side of the Cape. On the Pacific side, once you got up past the Golden Gate Bank the water temperature dropped to 71 and the same thing happened on the Cortez side once you got past Punta Gorda.

BAIT: This week the bait was a mix of Caballito and Mackerel. They have been the normal $2 per bait.


BILLFISH: As the week progressed the Striped Marlin bite continued to drop off, and at the end of the week most boats that were having good luck were flying one or two Marlin flags, with an occasional boat flying three. Quite a few boats came in flying no flags at all, let alone a Marlin flag. The bite happened near to home at the end of the week, with most of the action taking place within 8 miles of the coast. Many boats were just flying past the fish as they tried to get out to the high spots. Live bait dropped back to fish coming into the lures was the way most of the fish were caught; there were not a lot of tailers found. A few Sailfish were caught up around the Gorda Banks but there were not any big concentrations of them.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Yellowfin action at Gorda Banks on fish to 80 pounds happened early in the morning this week, but you had to be there at grey light and have either Sardinas or Chiwillies (Mackerel Scad) to have any luck on these fish. There were fish in the 35-45 pound class found between 30 and 40 miles to the west during the middle of the week, but they were moving around a lot. A few fish were found up around and just to the north of the Golden Gate Banks as well. The best baits for the Tuna this week were feathers in dark colors if you were trolling and Sardinas and Chiwillies if you were live baiting.
DORADO: The Dorado action dropped off as the water continues to cool. Scattered small fish were found near shore, less than 1 mile off the beach on the Pacific side, but these fish were averaging only around 6-8 pounds. Bright lures trolled at 8+ knots brought the hungry kids to the pattern. Matching the tackle to the fish gave some good action but on heavy gear it was boring. There were a few larger fish found off shore, up to 30 pounds, but there were no large numbers of them this week, at least that I heard of.

WAHOO: While there were not many, if any Wahoo flags flying from the riggers of the fleet boats, there were private boats that managed to get into decent bites on the speedsters of the ocean. Most of the action was near shore on the Pacific side or on the edge of the Banks on the Pacific side. High speed heavy lures worked right on the 40-50 fathom edge brought as many as four fish per boat into the fish box. Of course not everyone caught; it’s always a matter of the right place at the right time!

INSHORE: The Sierra bite finally turned on, at least for those willing to make a bit of a trip up the coast on the Pacific side. Up around Margarita and farther the fish were concentrated in water between 15 and 25 feet deep, some of the guys were having good luck casting from shore. Hootchies in green or chartreuse were killers. Most of the fish were about 4-5 pounds, no real big ones, but hopefully they will show up soon. There were Pompano and Jacks in the mix as well. Many of the Pangas were mixing the Sierra fishing with Dorado action by working the Sierra early then trolling back a little further off the coast on the way home.

NOTES: The Whales are here and every trip I have been out on we have had great sightseeing for the Gray and Humpbacks. It is an awesome sight to have a big Humpback do a full breach only 100 yards away! The fishing was a bit off this week but as we pass the new moon on the 10th I hope it picks up. Until next week, Tight Lines!

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