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George Landurm
1/31/05 04:52 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 1848 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: Once again we had just a little spit come down on us during the middle of the week. It was not much, just enough to pattern the dust on the windshields, but that’s all right, we can always use it this time of year. Along with the spit came a bit of cloud cover but it moved away fairly quickly and we had the sun shine on us again during the last part of the week. Our night time lows have been a pretty chilly (for us) mid 50’s and our day time highs in the high 70’s. The winds have been from the NNW and North at 5-15 knots with the higher speeds in the afternoons. Farther up the Cape on the Sea of Cortez side there have been some afternoons where the wind switched to the NNE and blown a bit harder.

WATER: Surface conditions on the Cortez side of the Cape have been fair in the mornings up to Punta Gorda, once past there the swells and wind kicked in. In the afternoons late in the week the rougher water worked its way as far down as red hill in the afternoons. On the Cortez side there has been a small band of cooler water running from the beach to just a mile off that has been 70 degrees, any farther out and the temperature has been about 73-74 degrees over the 95 spot, the 1150 and Gorda Banks. On the Pacific there were some large swells at the end of the week but the surface conditions were fair, with just wind chop on top in the afternoons. The water near shore has been in the 67-68 degree range out to a mile or two and then warmed up slightly to 69-70 degrees out all the way to out past the San Jaime and Golden Gate Banks.

BAIT: This week the bait has been almost all Mackerel with just a few very small Caballito in the mix. The price has been the normal $2 per bait.


BILLFISH: The Striped Marlin have scattered a bit and are not quite as concentrated as they were the last few weeks, but it seems that almost everyone had a shot at a fish. Most of the angling has been taking place in the Sea of Cortez around the 95 spot and the 1150 as that has been where the water has been the right color and temperature. There was a story circulating of a boat having landed a Blue Marlin in the #700 range this week, but I have no idea if it was true. The water is still warm enough on the Cortez side that it would no surprise me though. There has been plenty of food out there for the fish so they have been slow to take a live bait, the mix this week was about half the fish on live bait and half on lures.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Football size Yellowfin Tuna associated with Porpoise were found scattered through out the area this week but there was no concentration of fish. One of the exceptions was the Inman Bank, just to the north of the Gorda where there were fish in the 15-40 pound class being found by boats drifting with live Sardinas. A long run from Cabo and no guarantee you could get bait or the fish would bite kept most boats from making the trip. There was a brief showing of fish in a slightly larger size class at the end of the week between 25 and 30 miles to the south. These fish were with Porpoise as well and while most of them were between 30 and 40 pounds there were a few in the 70-80 pound range as well.

DORADO: With the influx of cooler water on the Pacific side this week the Dorado bite dropped off a bit. Most of the fish were found on the Cortez side and they were still fairly small with an average weight of 8 pounds. Frigate birds working close to shore showed where these smaller fish were while the slightly larger fish found farther off shore were mostly blind strikes.

WAHOO: What Whoo?

INSHORE: The cooler water on the Pacific side has brought the Sierra down and closer to home. The hot spot for the week was the Migraino area, both from boats and from the beach. Small hootchies and bright colored Rapallas fished from the boats and silver spoons fished from the beach caught their share of fish in the 4-5 pound class. I also have it directly from the angler that there was a nice #35 Roosterfish caught from the beach in the same area. Our fingers are crossed that the Yellowtail will start biting this week, and hopefully in numbers that make targeting them worthwhile.

NOTES: I just got back from taking a boat to La Paz and had the wind and waves in my face the whole way. Next time I am taking a Navy Pea-coat, that 15 knot wind and 10 knot forward movement with spray in your face and mid 50’s temperature make this guys thin blood turn to ice! Now that I am back I am warming up, and I am going to the marina in about an hour to go fishing. Maybe some Tuna for Sashimi? My fingers are crossed. On the drive back from La Paz we could see Whales almost everywhere on the Pacific just off the beach. My golf game has improved a bit, but it’s a tough game as I am learning. No music this week as I am in a quiet mode and Mary is still sleeping. Next week I’ll rock! Until then, Tight Lines!

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