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Capt Gene Kelly
5/23/05 05:08 PM
Montauk Sportfishing Report 5/23/05 [Post#: 1962 ] Reply to this post

Somebody should poke old Mother Nature in the ribs to remind her that this is the time of the year that it is supposed to
start getting warm. So far this spring the weather has pretty much sucked.

However, the fishing is pretty damn good. The fluke boats have been loading up on nice fish down on the southside,
know locally as the “backside”. There are plenty of fish, andgood sized ones. The typical pool winner on the head boats
is around 7-8 pounds.

The striped bass fishing is pretty decent as well, although no real big fish are being caught. A twenty pound fish is a head
turner right now, with most fish around ten pounds or so. The good old chartreuce parachute is the lure of choice, and the
fish are in all the rips.

It’s too early to start thinking about sharks, esoecially as cool as it has been so far, but the good old CRICKET II, with
the Monster Man himself, Capt Frank Mundus is due in the harbor sometime this week to start doing just that. He’s here
to capitalize on the thirtieth anniversary of the movie JAWS. And from what I hear, the boat is fully booked until July
4th, when he is scheduled to head back to Hawaii.

If you would like to have these reports sent to you directly, just drop me a note at
And for more information about fishing in Montauk, you can give me a call at 800 280 5565 or check out

5/23/05 06:10 PM
Re: Montauk Sportfishing Report 5/23/05 new [Post#: 1963 / re: 1962 ] Reply to this post

where is montauk located??Thanks denis

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