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Delta Guides
4/22/01 09:41 PM
South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Report [Post#: 199 ] Reply to this post

South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Fishing Report
Week of 04-15-01 through 04-21-01

Just when I thought winter was over, here came the cold and wind again! Another cold and windy start for this week, but, late in the week it finally calmed a bit. During the cold spell, the water went back down to 60* again so, the fish still don't know what to do. We've been catching a few trout in mixed sizes. Some of them are the small males, and others are the big spawner females that are loaded with roe. One of our guides noticed a boat near him that caught about seven of the big females, and kept every one! I'm sure that one boat isn't the only one to keep the big females, but I sure hope everyone gives these roe trout a chance to spawn instead of killing them. A lot of trout died during the extreme cold of December this past winter, and now, every one that can be released should be. I know it's hard for some people to release a fish, especially if it is a big one, but if you think your few fish won't matter, you're wrong. If there were plenty of fish, it wouldn't matter as much, but, as far as we can tell now, there aren't plenty and we need to take a cautious approach. We know the population of reds in our area is very low, and it will be a shame indeed if the trout wind up in the same situation.

We found quite a few reds, and managed to catch some of them during the first part of the week using mud minnows, and later, when the wind let up a bit, we caught some on jigs. Our total for the week was: Reds totaled eight with the largest at 9.5# and two others at 8# each. The five others were around 4 to 6 pounds each. Trout totaled nine and included three big roe trout and six other smaller trout that were around 1.5 to 2 pounds each.

Thanks, Gene Dickson
Delta Guide Service
Georgetown, SC 1-843-546-3645

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