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11/27/05 06:37 PM
11-26-05 KINGS!!! [Post#: 2075 ] Reply to this post

SATURDAY 11-26-05: We have been talking lately about the "window of opportunity" well today it was opened just enough for us and one of my long time friends, Dale Foster and his wife, Ella, from Lexington,NC to squeeze through. Headed toward the horseshoe and found the water there too cold, around 63*. Moved on to the SSE until we reached water around 100 ft. and a temperature of 68 -70 degrees. Here we found a few king mackeral and a few bottomfish. The fishing would have most likely been a little better farther offshore, but, the seas were built up enough that we decided to stick it out here. We were fishing in a stiff NNE wind and a good 5 to 6 ft. sea. But you see, Dale and I go back more years than either one of us want to admit, and from years past fishing and hunting trips, I knew he was up to the task at hand!!! Ella, his wife, hangs in there right by his side!!!! I wouldn't have called it the best weather for fishing, but anytime two old fishing friends get together, you don't let the little things ruin a good day of fishing!!!! Hang in there, one day we will have a calm day to go fishing !!! Ella, I was honored to be able to put you on your first king mackeral, and it was a good sized one to start with. Now, as for Dale, we were getting ready to call it a day, that's when it happened!! A fish hit the "light line" we had out. We don't know what it was and we never will. You see, Dale fought this fish for nearly an hour, a decision was made to tighten the drag and try to get it up because for nearly an hour had passed and by now it was getting dark and soon I was not going to be able to see the line and be able to keep the boat in position to keep the fish along side, and in the type seas we were fishing in, that was a very important part of getting this fish in. Dale had the fish at boat side many times but could not get it up!!! So the drag was increased, and it looked as though we may become victorious, then yes it happened, the rod flew up and we figured the line had broken but instead, the 4x strong treble hooks were straightened out and the hooks pulled loose. We will never know what it was, but we will always know it was the biggest thing we had on the hook in a while!!! Look at it this way, it will just be bigger the next time you have the chance to go one on one with him again, and he's still out there, waiting for the next battle, and next time, he might not be as lucky as this time!!!Capt. Chris and I really enjoyed seeing y'all again!! We had a good time, it brought back some old memories, and they were good ones!!! Keep in touch and till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt. Butch Foster, Capt. Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog, says HI!!!!. YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS, Southport,NC. (910)845-2004.

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