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3/31/06 02:06 PM
Google Maps + Fishing Spots [Post#: 2172 ] Reply to this post

Hello everyone..

I was wondering if anyone is willing to give some feedback on this idea that I had. I put a site together combining Google maps and fishing spots etc. I'm an MIS student and have fished my whole life and this is the result of the combination. I was wondering if anybody thought this would be cool or useful.

It's all free, I'm not trying to make money or spam, I just thought that this could be neat. Basically you locate a fishing spot and just add some details about it. The longitude / latitude is adjusted each time you click on the map, you can add up to 3 links to images etc. I also have the data exportable to Google Earth format.

Check it out.. maybe it could catch on... or is there something out there similar? It would be easy to make changes, addons etc. For instance, keeping track of specific users to see all their locations.

Ok, enough rambling, check it out and have fun!

4/1/06 08:48 AM
Re: Google Maps + Fishing Spots new [Post#: 2173 / re: 2172 ] Reply to this post

Check out version 2.0.b of the Hotspots page!! Dramatic difference.. full screen map. Let me know what you think! :D


4/7/06 09:20 PM
Re: Google Maps + Fishing Spots new [Post#: 2178 / re: 2173 ] Reply to this post

I have recently updated the map to the next version of Google Maps! It is a lot quicker at retrieving the data points. There are some other new bells and whistles as well.

Check it out at

I'm also going to start on private group map access. If anyone is interested let me know. I might need a couple people to help test it out.

Shawn at

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