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5/1/01 03:50 AM
STELLWAGEN BANK,MA- Cod 4/30 [Post#: 232 ] Reply to this post

STELLWAGEN BANK, MA- Cod Fishing 4/30/01

Friday, April 27th’s charters were three groups of New Jerseyans , one group from New York and one group from Pennsylvania. The forecast was for Northwest wind, which was on target and churned the seas up to 3-6 feet. Nevertheless, Paul Knowles of Wall, NJ headed to the mussels-bed shoals at the bank’s north end aboard Capt. Scott’s DECISIVE. While the other four groups, Ray Czorniewy of Bergenfield,NJ on the JANET B, Chris Neal of Union Beach, NJ on the DRIFTER , Brent Moshimer of New Lebanon, NY on the HACKER and Bill Schomaker’s two-day charter from Harmony, PA on the ALLIA fished the shoals to the south. The Knowles group had a field day do battle with medium cod and pollock coursing through the sand eels. Some of the larger cod were feeding on herring and mackerel. With full coolers and arm weary, the group headed back to New Jersey only after re-booking for next season. To the south, the fishing was fast and furious during the morning bite, however the cod were smaller than at the north end. Cod and pollock to 15 pound with a few wolfish mixed came over the rails. Schools of sand eels were the attraction for the ground fish on the south shoals.

On Saturday, although the forecasted wind was the same as Friday, the wind and sea turned out to be much more than expected. Two groups from PA opted to re-schedule rather than chance cancellation at the dock or getting beat-up on the water. They made the right decision for the sea conditions came up to a nasty 4-8 foot sea by mid-morning, more than we usually fish in. However, for the groups that toughed-out the conditions, fishing was awesome. Based on Capt. Scott’s results with bigger cod to the north, three charters on the JANET B, DECISIVE and ALLIA headed up to the Mussels. The groups had the best whale-cod day of the season. Capt. Al’s group on the JANET B, Luke Michael from Herkimer,NY, landed two 35 pound cod and two jumbo pollock in the 20 pound class as well as filling all the boxes with medium cod and pollock. Capt. Tim’s group on the ALLIA, Bill Schomaker of Harmony, PA, on one drift bailed 15 big cod between 20 and 35 pounds---our single day best on big cod this year. These big cod raced through the eels and were gone after one drift. Bob Nichols group from South Boston, fishing on the DECISIVE, missed the steakers, but filled all boxes with cod and pollock to 18 pounds.

On Sunday, the weather moderated and so did the fishing—go figure. Hoping to get into the steakers again, three boats again headed north, JANET B, ALLIA and DECISIVE. The HACKER, KAAMA and
SASHAMY headed to the shoals to the south. The morning fishing to the south in the shoal water proved to be the best fishing for the day. The Bergen County Saltwater Angler annual 3-boat charter, set-up by former President, Ed Ajamian of Franklin Lakes, NJ, was the northern contingent. The pool winner for the day was a 25 pound cod taken by Bill Marshall’s group from Belleville,NJ, relative new-comers on the Bergen County trip. The bite was an early one in both area and by 10:00 am---the tide change—boats were scrambling to catch anything—both the bait and cod disappeared. The charters fishing the southern shoals, Dave Grimstad of Bayville, NJ, Frank Ianucci’s group from East Williston, NY, and Tim Ryder of Nashua,NH, experienced a good early morning bite before the tide change and brief flurry after the change. HACKER’s group, the Ianucci’s from NY, had the best catch for the day including a couple of wolfish from the deep-water. We have four vessels fishing today and it appears that a generally southwest wind pattern will prevail through most of the week bring warm weather and favorable fishing conditions.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

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