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(Unknown Angler )
5/7/01 03:12 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 236 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: It has been an interesting week for us on the weather front. Early in the week we became the focus of some very strong winds as a high-pressure area formed up to the northwest of us and another formed down to the southeast. This funneled an eastbound frontal system directly over the top of us on Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday. We had been receiving cloudy skies from this system and on Thursday we actually received a little rain. Thankfully the high pressure to the southeast moved away and the frontal system dropped to our south. Since Thursday the weather has steadily improved. There has been little wind in the mornings and the afternoon breezes have been primarily from the south or southeast. Highs have been in the low 90’s and the lows in the high 70’s.

WATER: Due to the system we had move through the area, the water on the Pacific side was extremely rough on Tuesday and Wednesday but began settling down on Thursday. Even the Sea of Cortez was very choppy during those days. Today is the sixth and I took a bus drivers holiday (we had a client cancel for the day and I went fishing). The water on the Sea of Cortez was calm and has cleared up quite a bit from the greenish color it received earlier in the week. The warm water was pushed way out to the southeast by all the wind in the frontal system but it is starting to get closer again as the weather has calmed. Low water temperatures on the Pacific have been in the high 60’s and the warm water about 30 miles to the southeast has been about 73 degrees.

BAIT: There has been a good mix of Mackerel and Caballito available all week and a few of the pangas have had Sardinas. The normal prices of $2 per large bait and $20 per scoop on the small stuff.


BILLFISH: The good news here is that there are a lot of Striped Marlin around and there have been a few Blues reported caught this past week, even though the water was a bit cool for them. The bad news is that we have just gone through a full moon and even though the fish were out there, they were not often in the mood to bite. A few boats were able to find co-operating fish, but the majority of the fish found had their mouth zippered closed. More good news is that as the moon gets smaller the bite should pick up. If the fish follow the warm water and come in closer this week, the quartering moon should give us a great bite. All we have to do is keep our fingers crossed. The weather early in the week forced the warm water so far out that many times it required a trip of 30+ miles to find the fish. Today the bite seemed to pick up a bit and a lot of the boats were reporting getting strikes on lures, where early in the week the only bites were on live bait.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: There are still plenty of fish out there and most of them have been coming off of the porpoise pods. These have been school fish for the most part and have rarely been larger than 35 pounds. Bigger fish were reported early in the week at Gordo Banks but the weather blew in the red crabs and the bite at the Banks became an occasional thing rather than the great fishing of last week. There were Yellowfin in the football class (10-20 pounds) in closer to shore but these fish were not mixed in with the porpoise and were mostly caught in the blind while on the troll. As has been the norm, best lures were cedar plugs and feathers in pink/white and purple. On the Banks Sardinas worked well early in the week but as the days wore on and the red crab moved in dead baits seemed to get the most action, with chunking providing the larger fish.

DORADO: Surprise! They seem to be starting to show up. Quite a few of the boats have been flying Dorado flags this week and some of them have been for pretty nice sized fish. They are not here in any concentration yet but it bodes well for the future. It’s possible that the frontal system and the associated rough water brought the fish in and they might stick around for a while. Best baits have been feathers and a few of the larger fish have been caught on Marlin lures.

WAHOO: Another surprise! Quite a few Wahoo flags this week and I have seen fish from the 100 pound range to the 40 pound range hit the decks this past week. Most of these fish were taken in the 40-50 fathom contour off Red hill and Grey Rock while trolling but some of them were reported from Gordo Banks also. Marauders and Magnum Rapalas run with wire leader were providing a lot of the fish but many more were lost when they struck lures run on monofilament line. Darker colors run close to the boat seemed to work very well.

INSHORE: A few Sierra and smaller Roosterfish were providing a little action but for the most part the inshore catch was limited to football Yellowfin, Skipjack Tuna and Bonito. Many of the Pangas resorted to going offshore in search of action after the weather calmed down on Friday.

NOTES: The house is off the market, looks like we are going to be able to work out something with the seller. Its getting warmer and we have not needed a jacket in the morning this week! Don’t leave valuables in your car if you rent one, take it all with you or better yet, leave it in your hotels safe. My van was broken into last weekend while parked downtown in the morning. I must just be stupid to have left them in there, but it is sure a hassle trying to replace all the documents that were in my bag. Firm answer from the Marina Manager, “No New Commercial Slips Will Be Allocated in the Marina!” Lots of people, the weathers great now, the fishing is good and the Charter companies are busy!


Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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