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(Unknown Angler )
5/14/01 04:15 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 242 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: Quite an interesting week here in Cabo as far as the weather goes. Here we had gone for two weeks with it getting a bit warmer almost every day and all of a sudden we get another cold front or something that felt like one move right on in. On Monday night I had to sleep with the air conditioner on and this was the first time all year! On Tuesday night all of a sudden I was reaching for the blankets instead, and wishing that I had a fireplace in the house! The wind was cold and out of the northwest, very strong and steady almost every evening until Saturday. The temperature started to rise a bit every day and by Sunday (today) the daytime temperatures were back to where they were at the beginning of the week, around 90 and the nighttime temps were back in the high 70’s. No rain and plenty of sun all week kept everyone on the beach happy.

WATER: Sad news here, the strong winds blew the cold Pacific water back into our area. While not as cold as they could have been, after being used to temperatures in the 74-degree range, confronting the mid 60’s in front of the cape was not good news. The good part of the news was that while the warm water had moved away, it had not moved to far to get to. Up past Gordo Banks the temperature was still in the 74-degree range and if you could get up to Los Frailles there were reports of the water as warm as 77 degrees. That’s good news if the winds stay down because that warm water will move towards us and now we will be looking at great water temperatures for Dorado and water that is getting in the comfort zone for the Blue Marlin. Pacific side temperatures were still on the cool side as were the southern directions temps, not getting above 70 degrees to the south and remaining in the high 60’s on the Pacific. Water conditions on the Pacific side were very rough all week and even in a southerly direction once you got out about 10 miles the water got messy and uncomfortable.

BAIT: Good news here! We are getting a fine mix of Caballito and Mackerel; I just hope it holds up this coming week. The baits are nice sized and there have been Sardinas available also. The usual prices are in effect with the large baits at $2 each and a scoop of ‘dines at $20 here in Cabo San Lucas and twice as many for the same price up at San Jose.


BILLFISH: All right, the bad news is that it is quite a long run to get to where the Striped Marlin are hanging out. Up past San Jose and up off Punta Gordo or as far as Los Frailles, depending on the day of the week with early in the week requiring the longer runs. The good news is that the fish are hungry and will get hungrier as the moon wanes. Hopefully the warm water will move back into this area soon and it will not require a 2-hour run to get to the fish. The bite has been pretty steady with a solid 50/50 mix of fish on live bait and lures. Most boats making the run are seeing at least 6 fish or more and the further you go the more fish you spot. We are getting more reports of Blue Marlin showing up also, so that is a nice portent of things to come!

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Early in the week the fishing for football-sized fish was very good out in front of town, out about 12-17 miles. There were larger fish being caught on a steady basis at Gordo banks by boats using chunks and live Sardinas. Porpoise were spotted on a daily basis but very few of the pods found seemed to be holding fish. As Thursday came around we began to see the reason why. The purse seiners had moved in and had obviously been working the porpoise hard. It appeared that having the cake was not enough and we have photos and verified reports of at least one purse seiner moving in on Inner Gordo and setting on the inside pinnacle. Oops, there went the icing! Guess what guys; there went all the Tuna that had been supporting the sports fishermen out of Los Cabos! Guess that the idea of having at least a 50-mile limit for commercial fishermen went out the window this week!

DORADO: They are starting to show up and in the early part of the week you had a good chance of getting at least one of these beautiful acrobats in the boat. As the wind started to blow in the cool water the concentration (what there was of them) moved north up the Sea of Cortez. Boats working up that way were still finding them later in the week and as this week comes around we can only hope that the warmer water where they are holding moves our direction also. Most of the fish found were caught on lures but if there was something floating in the water live bait worked well to pull off a Dorado or two.

WAHOO: Guess it was the full moon for the Wahoo, there seems to have been a dearth of these speedsters this week. After the super action on nice sized fish for the last two weeks I was not surprised to see the bite die off. The moon, water conditions or temperatures, whatever it was, we were happy to get a few of these fish last week. Now we have to hope they show again. For those of you who were here this week and saw red Wahoo flags flying everywhere, I have to tell you that only about 10% of them were for Wahoo, the rest were flown by boats that didn’t want to go far to fish and caught Sierra on the near shore trips.

NEARSHORE: Hot and heavy action on Bonito and Skipjack Tuna was the name of the game this week. There were some very nice sized Sierra caught but they were not too thick. A good catch was a half dozen or so in the 4-8 pound range. There were a few nice red snapper and a few Dorado taken by the Pangas, along with some Roosterfish. The Roosterfish are still on the small side, give it another month or so and we might see some of the larger ones show themselves.

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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