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5/19/01 05:23 PM
Venice Fishing Report [Post#: 246 ] Reply to this post

Just got back Monday from Venice. Had a pretty good trip. Went out of South Pass Monday about 3 p.m.! First stop one of the seven mile rigs. Caught small amberjack for about 30 minutes or so. The were barely 28 inches with some falling well short. But hey kept our limit and headed east in some very choppy water. Not nearly as smooth as it had been. The flags where a waving on the drive down. But we were able to stay on plane and headed for a group of rigs North East. SP-60, 67, 72 or something like that. First three we tried nada! Then it started to get late so we headed to the next one (old faithful) and the fishing was very slow there. But Steven got a shark and a 11 pound Red Snapper in the boat. The snapper at this rig all seam to hover around the 10 pound mark. Next it was my turn and I pulled up a 15 pound red. But mine was a red fish not a red snapper. Release. As I was lowering my bait down shortly thereafter; BAM a fish hits like a ton of brick and starts stripping line. This fish hit only 20 or 30 feet down. Praying its not a shark. Clear water and we see color 20 feet down and it is a Tuna. 20lb Blackfin.

Ended at first light the next morning. Total damage. 3 amberjack, 2 Redsnapper, 1 Mangrove Snapper, 4 Blackfin, 1 spanish mackerel. On the road home at 7:30 am.

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