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11/28/07 03:47 PM
Ecuador: Salinas, Manta and Galapagos report [Post#: 2515 ] Reply to this post

Without a doubt 2007 has been a very good year for fishing all over Ecuador. The last two months have been superb for Salinas. The amount of striped marlin found in the Pacific waters off of the Santa Elena Peninsula (Salinas) has not been seen in over 12 years! Many days with hundreds of striped marlin seen busting bait or tailing in the surface has become a common occurrence lately. While days like these are the norm in Galapagos, it has been a while since Salinas experience such fishing for stripes. 2006 was a very good year for striped and blue marlin in Salinas. 2007 has proved to be even better. Thrown in a few months this year with bites from blues averaging 2 to 15 a day and you cannot ask for much better fishing. Granted the last two months have produce few blues off of Salinas, Manta just 75 miles North of Salinas by water has produced spectacular blue marlin with most fish ranging 400 to 800 lbs. Two local artisanal skiffs trolling with handlines reported boating marlin over 1000 lbs.

I had the pleasure of fishing with writer Mark Hatter Nov 14 and 15. We raised 12 fish the first day and released 3 stripes. We saw hundreds of fish feeding on sardines but they were full. The second day we raised 2 fish but saw more frenzies and could just not get the fish to commit. Again too much food I guess.

Last week's two day local tournament consisting of 16 boats reported over 130 raises and 35 striped marlin releases and 1 blue

Braden Escobar

Merijo Attong
Sportsman's Addiction

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