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(Unknown Angler )
5/22/01 11:00 PM
Kona Hawaii fishing report [Post#: 254 ] Reply to this post

Kona Hawaii fishing report 5-22-01

Big Blue's are the talk of Kona town right now. This years 2nd "Grander" was landed on the 18th by Ramon Flores on the 'Sea Dancer' with captain Jerry Allen. It weighed in at 1,021 lbs. Another grander was fought just the next day on the 'Marlin Grando' but after a 10 hour battle, the fish snapped the line and said aloha to the anglers. Statistically, most of the big blues win the fight. Lots of sob stories going around lately. Even the 'Sea Dancer's' fish was a fight that nearly ended in an "aw $#!+". The hooks pulled out of the fish right next to the boat. The fish was already dead because of the battle though and floated belly up. There's not a large number of marlin swimmin' in the Kona waters right now but there is certainly some size to the ones that are.

Ono tops the list as the most common catch. The best ono run Kona has seen in a long time. Great fun on light stand-up tackle. There's still some mahi mahi hangin' in the ono lanes too.

The spearfish bite is on! For you people who think that ono or mahi are the best eating fish, I'd say you've never tried fresh spearfish. It's the favorite of many fishermen here in Hawaii. Also a fun fish on light tackle.

There's some yellowfin tuna being caught in the porpoise schools but this season looks like it may be a repeat of last years bite. Single tuna are starting to crash and splash at random all along the coast. That's how it started early last year and later resulted in more of the summer run tuna being caught "in the blind" than out of the porpoise schools.

The big game bottom fish bite has slowed to a crawl in the past few weeks. Mostly sharks hangin' out in the prime spots and hardly anything else. Might be best to spend more time trolling.

See 'ya on the water ,
Capt. Jeff Rogers ,

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