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(Unknown Angler )
5/28/01 04:12 PM
Cabo Boat Ride Report [Post#: 263 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: Bad news for the past week on the weather front, the fishing front and as a matter of fact, on almost all the fronts! I wish it was otherwise, but here are the facts. Daytime temperatures were up to the mid 90’s, nighttime to the low 80’s most of the week with no clouds or rain. Sounds good, huh? Yeah, until I tell you about the wind. For the first few days of the week we had a solid and steady westerly blowing in at an average of 20 knots. The last half of the week showed a weakening of the wind and it only blew from 5pm till 5 am and it shifted to more from the northwest for most of the time. Daytime breezes were much lighter at 10 to 15 knots from the southwest. Gives you an idea?

WATER: Unfishable on the Pacific side for most of the fleet and only a few of the private boats were ballsy enough to go the distance to the south to get to blue water. The Sea of Cortez side was much better as far as water conditions were concerned but the fishing conditions left a lot to be desired. The westerly winds had pushed a large amount of cold pacific water up into the mouth of the Sea of Cortez and this water had gotten as cold as 64 degrees early in the week but later warmed up to the low 70’s. The Pacific side was steadily in the low 60’s and today was still showing those cold waters. The cold-water bulge extended up to Gordo Banks early in the week and ran parallel to the coast down until the 95 spot where it began a run to shore. The warm side was in the mid 70’s and the cold side in the low to mid 60’s. Normally this water temperature difference would be a significant indicator for fishing action, and if that was all that was happening the bite should be going off like skyrockets! But guess again, the same strong winds that brought in the cold water pushed the green water even further north. What we ended up with was a temperature break south of the clarity break. If these two significant barriers form up together this next week (if the wind dies) then we should be in for some red-hot fishing! But this report is for the last weeks action, not what we wish or hope for the next week, so the bottom line is “Fishing was Terrible”.

BAIT: There was no problem getting bait this week and the usual price of $2 each was still in effect for the Caballito and Mackerel. No idea on the availability of sardines since there was no Tuna this week that required Sardines as bait.


BILLFISH: The Billfish catch this week consisted almost entirely of Striped Marlin and it seemed that most of them might as well have been in the next country! The water that was holding the Stripers was blue and warm, and to get to it you had to go at least 40 miles up the Sea of Cortez, off of Los Frailes. There were plenty of fish there but very few of the boats were willing to take the three hour run up there then face the strong wind and rough water for the return. These conditions only allowed about an hour of fishing time and there were fish a lot closer to home if the anglers did not have their heart set on Marlin. Those boats that did get up there found the fish willing to bite on live bait about 40% of the time and the rest of the time they were just not interested in anything.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: This was basically an extinct species for the past week, ever since the Purse Seiners showed up within the restricted zone and there was no one to chase them out. The nets were set on the banks and on every Dolphin pod they could find. No fish this week, last week and maybe even next week. Come on Mexico, wake up! These fish are the foundation your house of tourism dollars is built on here in the Baja, it’s time to focus some enforcement on the laws that exist, otherwise it is all going to disappear! This is not the first time and probably won't be the last time this happens but without some backbone to the laws, they are just a veil of smoke like a magicians act. They look good but there is no substance to them.

DORADO: The Dorado are starting to show up a few more every week. More and more boats are finding them as the week goes on and it should be a good season as soon as the winds die down. Most of the fish are in the 20-30 pound range and are being taken on feathers and Marlin Lures. These fish are in the mid-zone, from one mile to 5 miles offshore with a few more found further out.

WAHOO: What hoo? A few being caught up by Los Frailes for the adventurous.

INSHORE: Yellowtail on the Pacific side due to the cold water, Roosterfish on the Sea of Cortez side and ranging from 10 to 35 pounds, some very nice size Red Snapper on the Pacific rock points and a good scattering of Jack Crevalle and Sierra throughout the area. In my mind this has been the definite place to be fishing for some action, a good variety available and some nice sized fish!

NOTES: Pray the winds die down, the Purse Seiners are blocked from doing that action again and the fishing improves. Keep fingers crossed for continuing buildup for the Dorado catch.

Capt. George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing

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