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3/20/08 03:30 PM
Bait Swarms into Galapagos [Post#: 2631 ] Reply to this post

I am happy to proclaim that the bait and fish are finally showing in great numbers that make Galapagos possibly the best marlin fishing the world has to offer. Heavy showers in parts of the archipelago have not slowed the fish. Great amounts of herring and sardines are being seen on the banks. Water temp continues to rise from an average 83 F to 85 F.

Feb 27, 2008 Alberto Casaretto and his wife Irene form Argentina fish for the first time in the Galapagos onboard the Blue. A beautiful and calm day of fishing on Rosab Blanca banks with water temp 83 F. We managed to raise 12 stripes and get 8 bites releasing 4 stripes. It was the couples first time with Galapagos stripes. These were nice fish averaging 190 to 220#

Feb 28, Again Alberto and his wife set out onaboard the Blue to the Rosab Blanca banks. The Pacific was a little choppy with waves 3 to 5 ft. The fish were present but a lot more finicky feeders. The Blue raised 8 stripes, had 5 bites and released 1 stripey over 200#.

March 1, guests Captain Paul Ivey and Sara MacRae set out onboard the Blue for a beautiful and calm day of fishing on the Rosa Blanca banks. Water remained 83 F and it was very sunny. Using pitch bait ballyhoo and squid daisy chains we managed to raise 14 stripes and get 10 bites on the pictch baits with 4 releases.. Sara rleased her first 3 Galapagos striped marlin on 50# and 30# standup gear. Paul released his first stripey as well on 30#.

March 2, Again Capt Ivey and Sara went onboard the Blue. The fish were feeding deep on Rosa Blanca banks and we saw a few tailers that would not feed. 5 stripeys were raised and we got bites from all 5. Sara managed to catch 1 beautiful fish estimated around 230#. Water was flat calm and the sea was a deep blue in color with temp averaging 83 F

March 3, again we set out to Rosa Blanca for the last day with Paul and Sara. The ocean was calm and temp remained 83 F. We managed to tease up 5 fish and get 3 bites with a release on 1 stripey. Sara last fish of the trip would be a hell of a fighter and would not give up easily. Captain Ivey showed us a few things and we appreciate Paul taking his time to teach the boys a few new tricks.

March 6, Alberto Casaretto and hos wife Irene from Argentina returned from touring the Island of Isabela to fish onboard the Blue 2 more days. We set out to Rosa Blanca’s first bank where we would find the boat Sea Hands trolling already on fish. There was plenty of bait on the surface and many birds working the area. The Blue managed to raise 23 stripes, 1 blue and get 13 bites with 5 releases. The Sea Hands raised 30 stripes and a double header of blues which they released both to total 9 releases on that boat. The ocean was calm and water temp remained 83 F. Between 2 boats we managed to raise 55 marlin.

March 7, Alberto Casaretto and his wife set out onboard the Blue for their last day of fishing. Being the only boat out made fishing the fish a bit harder. Water conditions were a bit choppy with averge 5 ft waves. The temp remained 83 F. The blue raised 9 stripes and a blue and had 5 bites and 1 release. Not a bad day to end the trip for our guests form Argentina.

March 9, 3 boats, the Blue, Johnamar and the Sea Hands would set out with a group of 9 anglers led by Jerri Perez. As the boats arrived on the bank there was plenty of life. The water was calm and temp 83 F. Thousands of booby birds as well as sea lions and dolphins were on the banks. The morning was a bit slowed with a handful of stripes and a blue estimated around 600# raised on the Blue. However things would change on the last bank when the Blue found large balls of bait that went form the surface to the bottom in 400 ft of water. It did not take long for the marlin to show up. Onboard the Blue we could not get a rod or a teaser out fast enough as we would have striped marlin fighting over our teasers. In a matter of less than 4 hours the Blue ended the day raising 40 stripes and a blue with 14 releases and 33 bites. We radioed the other boats and they ended the day with: Johnamar 28 striped raised, 1 blue, 21 bite and 7 releases including a blue marlin. The Sea Hands raised 34 stripes, 1 blue and had 25 bites with 12 stripes released. The day with end with a total 102 stripes and 3 blues raised with 33 marlin released.

March 10, again all 3 boats would go to the Rosa Blanca Banks. There was a lot of life again. Thousands of booby birds as well as sea lions and dolphins. Lots of bait in the form of herring and sardines. The marlin were much more finicky on the bite. Onboard the Blue we raised 24 stripes, had 17 bites and released 6. The water was choppy and sea temp remained 83.8 F. There were lots of fish. Johnamar raised 21stripes, had 18 bites and released 5 fish with a few wahoo and dolphin caught. Sea Hands managed to raise 31 stripes and get 21 bites with 6 stripes released and a blue estimated at 400# lost. A total of 76 marlin were raised with 17 releases.

March 11, all 3 boats set out for a day of wahoo, tuna and bottom fishing to MacGowen reef. Water was a bit choppy with 84 F. The day was full of rain showers. Each boat averaged over 20 to 30 fish caught between tuna, jacks, wahoo, grouper and parrot fish.

March 12, breaking the routine I gave my mates the day off to make repairs from the rains on their homes. I invited Pete santini, his daughter Tanya and Lauren as well as my wife Mery for day of fishing. The weather was perfect. The Pacific was flat calm, with water temp 85 F. Sunny skies with a few clouds set the pace for a great day. As we arrived in the second bank of Rosa Blanca we saw the Anette hooked up with a striped marlin jumping. As soon as we got a teaser out (mind you I was playing the only mate in the cockpit) we had stripe try to eat it. We spent the next hour trying to tease stripes off of herring. In less than an hours time we raised 12 fish but could not tease them to take a pitch lure. So we quickly switched to lures and things started looking up. The marlin were finicky feeders and many would take one swat at the lures and teasers and were gone. The firt fish Lauren Santini managed to catch was stripey on 50# standup that averaged 200#. Next fish caught was by my wife Mery who landed after a long arduous

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